Tips so you do not lose reading habits in summer

Holidays, a word that is synonymous with free time to do a multitude of activities. But sometimes these summer hours are used for other unprofitable purposes: television, smartphones, video games, computers, or simply do nothing.

These are some options chosen by many young people during the summer, which also means losing good habits acquired during the school year, such as reading.

Summer can be the perfect time to enhance the habit of reading, and enjoy this hobby. Encouraging your children to leave the screens and encourage themselves to take a volume to immerse themselves in an adventure story, or whatever the genre of their liking, will participate in an intellectual activity that will undoubtedly contribute to keep your mind active and it costs less to rejoin when it's time to go back to school.

Read in summer

- Choose the book of your choice. In the market there are numerous genres and types of books: biographies, adventures, poetry, theater, etc. If the child has experience in reading, let him choose the one that will accompany him throughout the summer. Otherwise, if you know the tastes of the child, advise them by guiding you by their personality.

- Establish the routine, at the beginning. When summer arrives, children can let themselves be reached and opt for activities that do not bring them as many benefits as reading. At the beginning parents can set a time of the day to read, an activity that will also mean spending time with the family in which to enjoy this hobby together.

- Preach by example. The holidays also come for parents, who after a long time of work also deserve a break. A period of leisure in which books have a lot to do. The parents are a mirror in which to look at themselves and if the children see books in them, they will be curious about this hobby and will throw themselves into it to share it.

- Take advantage of new environments. A house in the countryside, a terrace facing the beach, the hotel after a whole day of travel. All these situations have a common point: tranquility. Take advantage of these moments so that children relax with a book and immerse themselves in their stories.

- Take advantage of the visits. Are you going somewhere interesting? Is there a book that talks about the history of this city? Make yourself with it and prepare the visit by reading together with your son these pages in which to go knowing where you are going, without losing your love for reading.

- Do not lose good habits. The schedules and habits are usually disrupted during the summer, but there are things that should not be altered. When night arrives, the story that every father shares with his children must be present even in the summer, do not leave your children without this special moment.

- Propose a challenge. Nothing motivates more than achieving a goal. If the child is reluctant to read in the summer, propose a challenge. Suggest a series of books or stories to finish in the summer, to get it will get a diploma that credits their achievements and you can organize a small tribute that day to them in the form of special dinner for example.

- Reading and other activities. Reading can not only be done through quiet pages. The family can get hold of a small theater tome, even encourage them to write it, and then represent it in the classroom. Each one will read their part and have fun while enjoying this original activity.

Damián Montero

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