Hiking in family: surprising routes through Spain

With the arrival of good temperatures, the excursions are the plans with children that can best fill our free time. There are a number of amazing hiking routes for families, which are well worth a visit. These places stand out as much for their beauty as for the magic that their landscapes give off.

Throughout the Spanish geography we can find forests, valleys and villages with a special charm that distinguishes them from many other places. They are sites steeped in legends and mystery, or with a lot of history and curiosities that will surprise the whole family. Between the Amazing routes for families in Spain those of Cuenca, Burgos, Murcia, La Coruña and Burgos stand out.

Hiking trails with children in Spain

Route of the faces (Cuenca)

The impressive landscape that decorates the banks of the Buendía reservoir hosts a spectacular sculptural exhibition on the so-called "route of faces". In it, we can discover the different figures of up to three meters high carved in sandstone and that address varied topics. Thus, along the way we will meet La Monja, Chemary the Gnome, the Lady of the Swamp, Elves, Beethoven, El Chamán ... up to fifteen sculptures carved out of pure love of art and that make up an authentic landscape jewel. Children will love strolling through the pine forests and be surprised by these monumental characters. In addition, we can complete the tour by visiting the Enchanted City of this province, which is on the same site as the route.
More information: website www.rutadelascaras.com or by calling the Information and Tourism Office of Cuenca: 969 178 841.

Ojo Guareña (Burgos)

Located in the Merindades, north of Burgos, we can find again another work of art of Nature: the set of Ojo Guareña caves. It is a unique place in the world that has extensions of magnificent springs, chasms, galleries, wells, canyons and galleries dug by the river that gives it its name. To its speleological value it is necessary to add the archaeological one to him, since in its interior prehistoric deposits have been located. The beginning of the visit takes place in the hermitage of San Bernabé, dug in rock and that offers a spectacular image, and from there we can see the caves visible to the public. You have to pay to be able to enter to contemplate some of these grottos and the hermitage, but it is worth it and for sure that nobody leaves indifferent.
More information: Tourist Board of Burgos, 947 279 432.

Enchanted City of Bolnuevo (Murcia)

In addition to Cuenca, in our peninsula we can also enjoy the impressive Enchanted City of the town of Bolnuevo, near Mazarrón. It is a monument sculpted at the whim of Nature, which has used water and air, which have eroded the rocks to leave them with this characteristic appearance. On the route of this landscape watered by natural calcareous statues we can see fossils of shells and other molluscs embedded in the surface of these. We can also visit in this same place the sanctuary dedicated to the Purisima, where each year a traditional pilgrimage is made. To top off the visit, Mazarrón offers magnificent beaches with transparent and warm waters that will allow us to rest.
More information: Tourist Office of Mazarrón, telephone 968 594 426.

Route of the menhirs of Valdeolea (Cantabria)

Surely the children sound of something these prehistoric monuments, for being the stone that transported Obelix behind them. On this 13-kilometer route we can see the huge megaliths, some 4 meters high, and their strange carved signs. These monuments are associated with ancient religious cults, since their aligned position follows the sun's fall on the summer solstice. It is also believed that they can indicate important places or that they are used to delimit territories. In any case, it is a good opportunity for children to learn about the first artistic and transcendental manifestations of the human being.
More information: Department of Tourism of the Government of Cantabria, telephone 942 208 299.

The Park of the Pastimes (La Coruña)

This curious park located in Betanzos is loaded with symbolism. Its origins date back to the late nineteenth century and highlights its variety of styles, which come to confuse the visitor. Thus, we can find a monument dedicated to the American republics, caves, fountains and sculptures with a very broad theme, all of which follows a modernist aesthetic that was intended to reflect the bourgeoisie of the time. During the tour of the park we can enter the catacombs and caves, contemplate the reliefs that represent animals of all kinds and go around the world thanks to the many statues that represent scenes and monuments from other parts of the globe. Without a doubt, it is a place that shows great imagination and ingenuity and that will surprise the whole family.Located on the outskirts of Betanzos, the entrance is free and its hours are from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. On weekends, until 9:00 p.m.

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