Children's anger, how to act when they are angry?

The children's anger They usually manifest with a burst of rage and anger, usually in the form of tantrums. Sometimes, the behavior of children can be out of control because of their anger and the attitude of parents when redirecting this situation in a positive way has a great value.

Keep calm, act with patience and not give up or end up giving the child what he wants is essential to prevent the anger of children be repeated by system. We must understand that when children have emotional explosions on a regular basis it is a symptom that they are afflicted. In this case, it is necessary to find the causes and, if necessary, have the help of a specialist.

What does a child need when he is angry?

A child with a bad temper or character needs attention and affection from parents to change their behavior, but of course, we can not ignore the authority. If our son, in an anger of his own, calls us with a cue or even hits us, we should not let him go and apply the appropriate punishment.

The child has to know that he can not disrespect his parents, you have to show authority, even if there are people ahead. If this is not the case, then a blatant, impolite adolescent is being prepared. When he arrives at school, he is likely to be disrespectful to his teachers and will do whatever he pleases.

The Anger is the consequence of something happening to youIt's his way of telling us something is wrong. It is convenient to dedicate time to the child to talk with him and know what happens to him. The closeness of the parents is fundamental to foster trust between us and our child, so the child will not be afraid to open their hearts and tell us what is wrong. This will help solve future problems, as they will not be saved for themselves.

Do not skimp on Signs of affection towards him: Let's say how much we love him and give him kisses and hugs, although not at the time of his bad behavior. You have to show interest in their activities and invest time to talk with them and laugh at their company. Putting a lot of love and good humor, we will give our son the serenity he needs and we will make him a stable and optimistic person in the future.

5 keys to act when children are angry

It is essential that parents have integrity during the children's anger to guide them calmly and with patience. To do this, do not despise any word or behavior of the child, on the contrary try to welcome and give confidence. When the moment of the emotional explosion has passed, there will be time to talk about what happened and correct him if necessary.

1. When the child is angry, it is better not to reprimand him at the time but wait until he calms down and, in private, talk to him about what happened.

2. When our children sulk, they are automatically closed brain circuits, especially if they are children with a lot of character and strong temperament.

3. It is good to remember that temperament and character are different: the temperament is inherited, the character is formed.

4. It's not about crushing him for his bad attitude, but to redirect that valuable genius and educate its character towards an automodelado so that it knows how to control its feelings.

5. Self-control It is essential to govern your impulses in the future and know how to make important decisions in a reasoned way.

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