Discontent among the doctoral students in Spain

The university not only focuses its teachings on obtaining degrees. In these centers there is also a higher education aimed at achieving a master's degree or doctorates. Are the students of these other docents satisfied in this area? Do we need to improve in some aspect?

According to the report recently published by the European Union the teaching of doctorate in Spain it must improve a lot. At least that is what most of their students think, as shown by the data published in this study where the great discontent of the students pursuing these degrees is revealed.

The last of the EU

The report of the European Comission puts Spanish students among the most dissatisfied within the old continent. 59% of students say they are not satisfied with the training they receive and with the skills they receive during this educational process. A percentage that leaves us behind Slovenia, penultimate country of this ranking of pleasure with this system.

The dissatisfaction of doctoral students in Spain also translates into the capacities they believe they have. 48% of these students say that their ability to teach is low or very low, a percentage that is only surpassed by France where 51% qualify their skills in this way. In our country only 20% are happy with their talent to transmit knowledge in the future.

From this report he also warns of the lack of teaching experience during his doctorate teaching, something that does not contribute to his training in this regard: "A great proportion of candidates affirms not having the necessary teaching abilities when starting a doctorate and another large proportion indicates that he does not have sufficient teaching experience during his doctorate and he is not satisfied ", explain from the European Commission.

Regarding the profile of the doctorate in Spain, this country has the oldest staff since only the 8,9% of the professors of university centers is less than 35 years old, a percentage far from the European average that remains at 23.5%. This teaching staff exceeds 50 years in 40%, a number that also leaves far the usual figures in the Old Continent which stands at 31.7%.

The option of the doctorate

The university does not end in obtaining a degree or master's degree. Teaching in these centers can continue until the attainment of the doctorate, another professional option for students. East Title supposes it is a university degree that constitutes the third postgraduate cycle, being the first, the degree or university career and the second, the master.

In the European Higher Education Area and in most of the Western countries, it is a prerequisite to pass a master's degree in advance. Their duration varies according to the type of doctorate, but as a general rule they do not usually fall below 4 years. The Bolonia plan It supposed a great transformation for the doctorate system because it allows the recognition of certain studies that until now were only considered as own titles and access to a higher degree distinguishing, for example, between technical engineers and superiors.

The granting of a PhD implies the candidate recognition by the faculty of the university in which he has studied. The types of doctorates that can be granted by a university are the following:

- Doctorate in research. It is necessary to defend a thesis based on an original investigation, which usually develops in a period of between three and six years.

- Professional Doctorate. They are granted when the investigation has been carried out by an individual of a specific profession and on an aspect of it.

Damián Montero

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