Tantrums in the car, how to manage them?

The holidays arrived, the children received the notes and the parents their rest period to recharge batteries before returning to their job. It is time to think about the destination where the family will enjoy this time of disconnection and leisure, and of course, the way in which they will reach such a place. Plane, train, ship or car, all these means of transport are valid.

If you opt for the car, parents must take into account many factors when planning the trip and when executing it. Not only for the safety that the driver must offer, but for the inconvenience that children can generate. So many hours of walking in such a small space can lead to tantrums in the little ones, knowing how to manage them will make this process much more peaceful.

The importance of the co-pilot in travel

During the trip the driver must pay attention on the road, it will be up to the pilot to pay attention to the children who will habitually sit in the back seat. This person's activity may be help. These are some activities with which you can calm the attention of the little ones:

- Play 'I see, I see'. A classic in travel, from the window you can see many things that can be used to play 'I see, I see'. Nothing better than having a good time to reduce tensions and ensure calm inside the car.

- Riddles. Another way to play in which children can get involved and avoid tantrums. Distracting them while making them think is a great idea when it seems that the nerves start.

- Solve your doubts, but with limits. "How much is left?", "Is much missing?", These two questions usually happen throughout the trip. The co-drivers can answer them to calm down, although you also have to know how to set limits so that these doubts do not become a constant.

- Make them feel older. The co-pilot can remind the little ones of the responsibility that is required of them.


The role of the pilot in car travel

Although your attention should be in the race, pilots They can also collaborate in car trips in various ways. These are some of them:

- Rest when you touch. Sometimes, the stress that gives rise to the tantrum corresponds to fatigue after so many hours of travel. Stopping and stretching the legs is sure to help reduce the stress generated in the little ones.

- Alternating with the co-pilot. If the co-pilot also has a driver's license, whoever is at the wheel can take over and be the one who takes care of the children for a period of time.

- Start the trip early. If there are too many hours to be behind the wheel, nothing better than to start early and take advantage of the children sleeping to avoid nervousness. If the child is resting, the stress will be counteracted.

Damián Montero

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