Baby stimulation: how to take advantage of summer

Although parents are not specialists in sensory stimulation of young children, we can take advantage of the summer months to develop their abilities. In the first stage of their life, they are like a sponge and transform any sensory impact into a form of learning. You just have to know how to take advantage of the opportunities that day-to-day offers us.

Visual stimulation for babies in summer

It is good to offer children images of different objects, animals, people, monuments, etc., even though we think they are small and do not know anything. As we offer them these images, we verbally tell them what they are so that they begin to make the association of the name with the image and even the categories: animals, objects ...

This exercise of visual stimulation will delight your baby if it can also be done splashing in the water of a small pool or bathtub, with objects that can fill and drain water. You will have a cool time, fun and great value for your learning.

Auditory stimulation for your baby

Take advantage of every moment to tell them things, even if you feel strange because they do not answer you and you get to develop some really interesting monologues. In this way, they will learn to listen, which is the first phase for the acquisition of language, communication and social relation and, in turn, they will have the model that they will later reproduce. Another interesting activity for auditory stimulation is to provide music from different registers and intensities and sounds or onomatopoeias.

Touch stimulation during the summer

It will help a lot in the summer for the stimulation to come into contact with different textures both on the hands and on the feet: pens, sheets of paper, rough paper, something rougher so that they begin to feel the difference between soft, rough, smooth. ..

Olfactory stimulation for the baby in summer

This is one of the senses that one works with less frequency but that is as important as the rest. The way to carry it out simply consists of bringing different smells to the child's nose and explaining the association of the smell to the object.

Precisely, in summer you can help with different flowers and plants, as well as fruits, since summer ones are especially aromatic such as watermelon, peach, apricot or melon. And remember not all odors should be pleasant, you should also learn to recognize the unpleasant ones.

Gustatory stimulation during the summer for your baby

It is very similar to the olfactory stimulation since it consists of giving them to try different foods that can provide varied tastes. It is not necessary to wait for the babies to eat everything to be able to carry out this exercise because we are actually beginning to work on the taste, they simply suck it and come to discover it. For this we can use different textures and flavors to try.

Psychomotor development in summer

Summer is a unique scenario to develop an area of ​​great importance in these ages is the psychomotor development. In this sense, it is essential to give children the opportunity to move. It seems obvious but not always the parents comply with it mainly for two reasons, the fact that they can be harmed or for comfort of having them more controlled in smaller spaces and bounded.

However, giving them the opportunity to be on the ground, without fear of cold picking, small babies mouth down and always with a strict vigilance, will give them the opportunity to explore for themselves.

María Campo. Director of NClic Schools

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