How to keep children active during the summer

The notes arrive and with them the deserved holiday of summer that gives the students the necessary time to disconnect and recover strength for the next course. However, as the hours free of academic responsibilities increase, so do the temperatures. The more heat, the less desire to do things and more sedentary lifestyle.

The task of parents at this time is not to allow boredom to appear or let the children stay on the couch watching the hours go by in front of a screen. That it is hot does not mean that the children are left standing, there is a lot of way to activate them, making the boredom not appear. These are some tips to avoid this situation.

Keep the activity

- Reduce screen time. The first thing to ensure is that this free time is not invested in activities that encourage a sedentary lifestyle. Video games, television, tablets, all must be reduced to the minimum and always bet on something that makes children get up from the couch.

- Continue the relationship with your friends. The school year ends and the children lose contact with their classmates with whom they have shared so much. Parents should encourage their children to call these friends to perform different activities with them, such as going to the pool where they can cool off in good company.

- Crafts. If the mercury is too high, inside the home it can be used to do indoor activities such as crafts. Find something that motivates the children to do with their own hands, acquire the materials and enjoy an afternoon where you will also work the bond with the smallest of the house.

- Get up early to walk. Yes, you have to rest after the whole course getting up early. But one day is a day, choose a day to set the alarm and get up early to walk is a good option to take advantage of the hours when it does not heat and maintain the practice of exercise.

- Museum visits. Ok, in the street you can not be. But summer is a good time to visit the places that remained in the air during the school year. For example, museums, a closed building where heat will not be a problem.

- The kitchen, the solution. The kitchen can be the perfect place to let children's imagination fly. Look for an original dish, and easy to prepare, tie your apron and start in front of the stove in order to get a menu that will taste better after all the effort invested.

- Little review. Ok, the course is finished and if there has been effort, the grades will be good. But a little review never hurts. Removing books from the drawer and collecting everything learned in the course never hurts, the mind also has to be taken into account to keep it in shape.

- Camps. A place where it is common to combine everything indicated in this list. The children will have one of the funniest experiences of their life: they will make friends, they will always have something to do and they will disconnect from the big city during this time.

Damián Montero

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