Achieving the ideal weight before pregnancy, better than during pregnancy

Many are the points to take care of during the pregnancy. Gestation is a process where many aspects that can affect the health of the mother or the fetus come into play. The weight of the mother is one of these elements that must be monitored during this time. The Body Mass Index, BMI, is one of the topics that can change most until the woman gives birth.

However, experts recommend that future mothers work to achieve an ideal weight before pregnancy and do not look for this goal during pregnancy. On this matter he has focused his study on Monash University in Melbourne, which recommends women to prepare before starting this process to avoid problems during it.

Increase, but fair

This study analyzed the data of a total of 1.3 million of pregnancies. In these results, the researchers found that 47% of women increased their weight more than expected during pregnancy. On the contrary, 23% did not do enough to comply with the recommended levels. The BMI of the mother is something that should grow during this process, although in its proper measure, as recommended by the authors of this work.

"The recommended healthy weight gain during pregnancy depends on the weight with which the mother begins the pregnancy, and women who weigh more are recommended to increase less during pregnancy," said the lead researcher, the doctor Helena Teede. At this point, future mothers are advised to seek the ideal weight from the moment they decide to take the step to bring a child into the world.

Of course, even if they achieve the ideal weight, the experts also explain that it is not good to go through the sizing gain. "Regardless of the initial weight of the mother, a too great increase in weight during pregnancy is very common now, and carries significant health risks for the mother and the baby," says Teede, who denies the myth of "now as two"that many women take for granted.

But just like you do not have to go through winning weightNor should we fall short. The low increase is related to an increased risk of giving birth prematurely and having a smaller child than normal and without being fully developed.

Danger of weight gain

As long as it is within the recommended, the weight gain is something that should not worry the mother. However, to pass is not recommending in any case. These are some of the dangers that can arise from the excessive profit during pregnancy:

- Increased blood pressure. This increase causes body swelling, urinary protein excretion and fluid accumulation. The fetus is affected while the placenta does not receive enough blood supply, which usually leads to low birth weight, respiratory complications and serious infections.

- Gestational diabetes. Elevation of blood sugar levels causing serious damage to the baby.

- Additional load for the muscles, causing back pain and in the legs of the mother.

- Greater fatigue. Along with the increase in retained fluid and the excess of that, the heart becomes overloaded causing a situation of constant tiredness.

- In the event that there is an intervention such as cesarean section, there is a greater risk of complications during this intervention.

Damián Montero

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