Breastfeeding reduces pain after cesarean

It is the first food the baby has. He reports a large number of defenses with which to prevent numerous diseases and infections and makes the bond with his mother increase. The breastmilk It has numerous benefits for the newborn and therefore breastfeeding is an activity that is recommended whenever possible for the woman.

And not only for the benefits it has for the baby. Breastfeeding It is also something that has important benefits for women in multiple aspects. In case there are few reasons for this, from the Virgen del Valme University Hospital in Seville, one more is provided: the reduction of pain in women after the cesarean section. Some results that respond to the study presented at the Euroanaesthesia congress.

Less pain and anxiety

This study closely followed 185 women who underwent a cesarean section. Almost a quarter, 23%, of those that breast-fed for two months or less they continued to maintain the pain at the surgery site after four months after delivery. But barely 8% of those who breast-fed their children for two months or more reported these discomforts.

Mothers who breast-fed their children showed lower levels of anxiety. Specifically a 54% of the women who breastfed their babies indicated feeling this anguish. Some results that could also explain the presence of pain since this unrest is related to the physical discomfort that several of these patients claimed to feel.

"This results preliminary suggest that breastfeeding for more than two months protects against permanent pain after a cesarean, and that the risk of this chronic discomfort triples if breastfeeding only lasts two months or less, "said Dr. Carmen Alicia Vargas Berenjeno, lead author of this investigation.

Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother

As has been said, breastfeeding is an activity that has important benefits for women. Not only to reduce pain after a cesarean. These are some of the positive results that are derived from breastfeeding the baby:

- The suction stimulates the production of hormones that contract the uterus and help to eliminate the remains of blood and placenta that remain after childbirth. Thanks to breastfeeding, levels of oxytocin, a hormone that helps reduce bleeding after delivery, allow the woman to return to normal sooner.

- Contribute to lose weight naturally. Breastfeeding is an activity that consumes between 450 and 500 calories a day. This helps the mother lose weight more quickly after pregnancy.

- Reduces the risk of osteoporosis, cancer of the breast, uterus and ovaries and urinary tract infections.

- Save of time and money. Breast milk has no cost and, on the contrary, the price of baby formula is quite high. In addition, this food is always prepared and available. It does not require preparation or special containers, it is at the ideal temperature and the baby decides how much it needs.

- Favors rest. Night shots are easier because the hormone prolactin, which stimulates milk production, has a relaxing effect on mother and baby.

Damián Montero

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