The fight against violence in sport will become a subject in some schools

Sport is competition, effort, respect for the rival and fun. However, on some occasions, this activity shows the ugliest side you have. The violence He takes over these tournaments making one day joy turns black because of the fights between parents who come to see their children compete. On other occasions, it is the children themselves who engage in disputes because they do not agree with the result.

Faced with this situation, it is clear to propose mechanisms with which to remedy this situation and return all positive values ​​to sport. Therefore, some schools will introduce the fight against violence in this sector as a subject to study in their classrooms. This is the case of the centers of Madrid's community, which aims to add respect and fair play in the academic curriculum.

Recovery of values

As reported by the Community of Madrid, the intention is to recover the values ​​that have traditionally marked the sport. To do this, he will introduce the subject "Respect and tolerance", that the next course will be released and that it will teach the students the importance of saying no to the violence in these activities. This matter is framed among other tools with which this Government intends to end this situation.

The Plan to Fight Violence in Sport that has set in motion this community aims to improve coexistence in sporting events and end violence in them. For this reason, it not only introduces a new subject in the classrooms, but also raises other objectives outside the educational centers. Measures that would be launched together with the different federations of this territory.

One of these measures is that at the end of each game in lower categories the sportsmanship of the hobbies is valued with a white card and a trophy is given to the best fans each season. Within the educational centers, the celebration of sports events in which the students participate enhancing the respect and values ​​of this activity.

Sports values

The intention of this initiative of the Community of Madrid is to recover the values ​​in the sport. These are some that parents should promote at home and make sure to transmit to your children:

- Respect. Parents and children should remember that in front of them they have other human persons, with emotions and feelings. There is no value more important than the rest and the good treatment of the opponent, however adverse the result may be. If this value is lost, it is very difficult to ensure a good relationship in the field.

- Cooperation. Sport is a team effort, even in those cases where only one person competes. After the child who hits the ball or runs in a popular race, there is a team of people behind him. Understanding the need for cooperation between these entities is important.

- Social relationship. The competition is not a place where one is shown to be the best. It is a perfect environment to socialize with other people and improve values ​​such as friendship and understanding.

- Spirit of overcoming. If you lose a competition you do not have to blame the opponent or torment yourself. You have to know how to overcome, shake hands with your opponent and think about what can be improved for the next time. Every mistake is learned and from all situations there is a lesson to be integrated.

- Self-discipline. Practicing a sport involves learning some rules and adapting to them, do not get carried away by the negative emotions of the moment and skip these rules.

- Feel good about yourself. Conquer victory with fair play and having managed to reach the top is one of the best sensations in the world. And these are achieved through the path of effort and respect to the contrary.

Damián Montero

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