Young online, the profile of the bettor in Spain

The pathological It is a very serious problem that has increased in recent times as a result of the expansion of new technologies. Smartphones with an internet connection allow you to place bets online and participate in games where money plays a fundamental role. The expansion of these devices is already visible in the profile of the people who participate in these activities.

This is indicated by the seventh edition of the report Social perception about gambling in Spain where it has been studied the profile of the bettor in Spain. The data is clear, new technologies have influenced these activities and what is more worrying: the growing participation of younger generations in these bets during the last years.

Young 'on line'

The game in Spain is a problem a lot More serious what it seems like. Almost the 82% of the adult population in this country acknowledges having participated in any of these activities at least once in their life. Something to which the expansion of new technologies has contributed. Proof of this is that in the last year the number of people making bets through the Internet has grown, specifically this number increased in 100,000 individuals.

Most of the players are young, at least 86.8% of these people. Among the reasons for this expansion in these generations are the following:

- Easy access to these games. An application on the mobile is enough to play anywhere and anytime 24 hours a day.

- Anonymity on the internet. The tranquility of knowing that nobody knows who is betting helps to take the first step since nobody will recognize the person

- "Easy money". These bets can sometimes win a sum of money quickly, so that increasingly younger and younger age "try their luck".

- Immediateness. It is possible to bet at any time, before the match even during the same.

- Relative low cost. You can make little money bets, making it easier for many young people to afford these games and think that the risk is minimal.

Prevention of gambling addiction in young people

With the expansion of new technologies that allow young people to place bets online, it is clear to pursue the prevention of gambling addiction in the new generations. These are some tips to get this finish:

- Teach the proper use of new technologies. Younger people must assume the responsibility of having a device with Internet access in their hands. Take advantage of the virtues offered and not use it for these purposes. With any hint of malpractice, the smartphone must be snatched from the young person.

- Make the dangers understood. The few amounts requested in some bets make young people think that there is no danger, but the truth is that it may be the beginning of an addiction to online gambling. This should be warned to prevent the first step.

- Use time. Sometimes gambling appears from video games. Parents should establish a clear schedule in which they can be used and make clear the sanctions of skipping this mandate. Of course, the use of these instruments of use should be after the fulfillment of obligations and parents should inform themselves what their children play with.

- Lead by example. Parents are the first to be held responsible in this area. Never give the image that through the game it is possible to obtain large sums of money and make it attractive to new generations.

Damián Montero

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