Stay in the hospital: tips for visitors to help and not bother

The usual environment of a child should be the street playing or at home performing their obligations. But in occasion, unfortunately, this environment is filled with coveralls, stretchers and nurses. Some health problems mean that the child has to be admitted to the hospital. A place that can scare you a lot because it supposes an exit from your comfort zone and in which you surround yourself with strangers.

But luckily, the family It helps to make this situation more bearable. Visits from relatives and friends of the child make this environment more friendly and that the experience within the hospital is kinder to the child. But sometimes the presence of so many people can harm at certain times, both the hospitalized and the roommate. Therefore, you must know some basic rules before visiting an inmate.

Tips for visitors

First of all, those who have in mind to visit a child should know the schedules to dial the hospital for the reception of people. They must be respected to ensure a good rest for patients who are admitted and who need it to recover their strength. You also have to take into account the occasions in which the inmates eat since it is one of the situations with the most hustle and bustle inside the rooms.

At times when the public address service is announced foods, visitors will have to leave the room to allow inmates to enjoy their menu without so many crowds. The entrance of the trolleys with the trays and the transfer of nurses can overwhelm the patients. It is recommended that in these cases only the closest relatives stay in the room: father and mother of the child.

Hygiene is also a point to keep in mind. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of a hospital and ensure compliance with them, in this sense maintaining cleanliness is essential to avoid infections by different pollutants. Especially exposed hands and other body parts should be kept as clean as possible.

Visitors who visit patients in rooms shared they will have to take into account the privacy of the other inmates. Do not inquire into personal reasons and respect if at certain times the curtain is drawn to avoid contact. The tone of voice to be maintained should be calm, without fright in case the other person wishes to sleep.

Help the child

Once all these rules are understood, visitors can contribute to make the stay of the child in the hospital more bearable. These are some of the points that can bring relatives and friends who come to the center:

- The child will see familiar faces, something that will reassure him and avoid the feeling of being in a hostile environment for him.

- Adaptation to this new environment becomes faster. Children can share their concerns with visitors and they can reassure them by making them see that this situation is necessary to regain health and be able to be enjoying again as before.

- To the extent that doctors allow it, visitors, especially adults, can collaborate in medical processes such as cures or other situations to make the child feel more secure.

- Children can visit the common areas in the company of their visitors avoiding constantly staying in their rooms.

- Participation in games. Without disturbing roommates, visitors can play with their children in multiple ways making time fly by.

Damián Montero

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