80% of the bright pre-university do not have the precise information to choose degree

After the Bachillerato for many students, the college. Being successful in the entrance exams to this higher education allows you to continue training in the desired area. Now, how to choose the career that best suits the future expectations of the student? Theoretically, information should be provided to the youngsters about the available career options and the different degrees that exist. Topics that will be studied, possible work opportunities, cut notes, all this helps to guide students.

But the reality seems to be different. At least that is what the report presented by the Francisco de Vitoria University where it is highlighted that many of the brightest students in Spain do not have the necessary information to choose a university degree. A situation that causes many students to face one of the most important decisions of their lives without the necessary tools to opt for the best possibility.

Orientation in Baccalaureate

In the preparation of this report, a total of 2,277 Spanish students with a file whose average was 9.6. Students belonging to a total of 4,500 schools and institutes, both public and private, throughout Spain. In the elaboration of this work these young people were asked if they considered that they had had the necessary guidance during their Baccalaureate stage and if they considered that this would help them to choose a university career.

Only one 20,8% The students affirmed that they were happy with the guidance received from the staff of their schools and acknowledged that the talks and tests to learn their skills had helped to make their decision clearer. On the contrary, almost 80% of these students are not satisfied in this sense and consider that there is much room for improvement ahead.

Within this almost 80%, 30.7% of the students affirm that the orientation received is not bad but that it could be improved even more. Other 29,5% He estimates that he has been given help information, but that he has not been given other necessary tools to choose a degree. Finally, 18.8% indicate that they have not been given any useful information to opt for a career or another. From the Francisco de Vitoria University, schools are encouraged to improve in this regard to avoid future problems.

Problems such as the frustration produced in a student starting a university career that does not meet their expectations is one of the objectives to be addressed. This is one of the main reasons why senior students leave the grades. The data of the Ministry of Education show that 32% of young people who start in these higher education institutions end up leaving this path in the first year and 10.9% change their degree.

Choose a university degree

It is clear that choosing a university career is a great decision. That's why you have to take it calmly and knowing what you do. Together with the information that must be provided from the orientation of the student's center, these are others for young people who are about to embark in this adventure:

Know the strengths and weaknesses. Students must take into account their academic curriculum, what subjects did they do well, which ones did they enjoy the most, which ones did they understand best? This is a good start when deciding career.

Do not leave it for the last moment. It is not that the primary student already knows what career he wants to do, but that the high school student has a more or less clear idea of ​​his future. Since entering this stage of teaching, the young person must draw a line, which can be variable, to continue in his future.

Know all the options. Maybe you do not have a decision about a specific career. But if an image of what you want to study, for example the student may like the idea of ​​studying something related to health. In this sense two fronts are proposed as Nursing or Medicine, it depends on knowing which is best suited to their interests.

-   Working market. Does the student expect to find work when they finish their higher education? The million dollar question, sometimes the decision can be altered by the job board. If what you want is a job at the end of these studies, gathering information about possible job opportunities is very important.

Keep calm. Nerves do not lead anywhere, it is always better to be calm than to make a crazy decision because of the rush. The family must maintain its support to the student and advise him, never impose his criteria.

Damián Montero

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