The 5 worries that generate more stress in children

There are different situations, threats, inconveniences that arise in the day to day that we have to face, that require our attention, and sometimes, attending to so many stimuli causes us to end up stressed and suffer the consequences of this state. Children also happen to them and even if they do not know how to express it with words with their worries They will also be stressed.

As adults we can come to think things like "children are happier because they live without worry" and yet this is not true. Children have to face their worries and problems of children, which for them are as important as ours for us, and the difficulties related to their evolutionary stage. In the same way that happens to adults, they can also end up suffering stress.

We parents are very aware of when we are stressed, but ... do you know what are the Worries that generate more stress in children

The 5 most stressful worries for children

People feel stress when we are overwhelmed by a situation. Next, we will know what are the 5 worries that stress children the most:

1. Feeling intimidated or harassed. There are situations where children feel threatened by a change in their environment, either at school or at home, or have a problem where they do not know how to cope and where they end up feeling unprotected, these worries lead them to feel stressed.

2. Family dynamics. Since as adults we live with the rush incorporated, it is very normal that we end up extending that rhythm to the children and we urge them continuously to hurry "come on", "run", "you should have finished" ... generating in them a feeling of inadequacy and not respecting their times, do we want them to live like us, continuously stressed?

3. Fulfill their school obligations. In addition to their household chores, they also have their school and out-of-school obligations, where they must comply with the rules and times that are expected of them. Duties and exams can generate stress, sure you know more than one child who spends the entire afternoon to perform these tasks or leaves school, goes to the extracurricular activity and then to finish the homework ... Where is it? your relaxing time?

4. Believe that something bad can happen. Regardless of whether these beliefs are real or not, whether they have logic or not, the child lives them as real and therefore this is a concern with a high level of anguish and stress.

5. Problems in their personal relationships. If you feel rejected at school or are having problems relating to others, you will end up feeling lonely and worrying more about the account if you notice little social support, which will directly affect your stress level.

Stress is part of our life, and a little stress does not help us cope with the situation and deploy our resources, but, when stress becomes our way of life, there is mental fatigue caused by the demand for a return above normal and the consequences of this state are the same for both adults and children.

Rocío Navarro Psychologist Director of Psicolari, integral psychology

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