Tips for the child to stay still at the table

The time for lunch arrives and the child comes back from playing or doing something that has kept him active. However, now it's time to sit down and relax to enjoy this family menu. A very difficult task given the level of nervousness that a minor can present in these situations. However, parents should know how to take these situations so that the table does not become a scarecrow.

Meal time means quiet time with the family and nothing better than to make clear some rules and apply some advice at the table. Habituar to estad routines and nip some situations in the bud will ensure that these moments are good times to enjoy good dishes in the company of yours.

Rules on the table

As has been said, one of the best methods to avoid the nervousness of children at the table is the establishment of some basic rules at the table with which to establish routines. These are some of them:

Warn before putting the plate. To encourage the child to reduce their tension it is advisable to warn the youngest children before putting the plate on the table. About 20 minutes before, parents should warn their children to stop their activities and do not feel like keeping the game.

Ask for collaboration. Another measure to reassure the little ones is to make them participate in this process: that they put the tablecloth, that the napkins arrive and other tasks will make them calm down before they sit down to eat.

Keep meal times. If the child always eats at the same time, his body will begin to be hungry at this time. In these situations it will be easier for this appetite to make you sit at the table to calm these sensations.

Make him feel older. Children love to feel adults, take advantage of this situation for their benefit is very advisable. You have to applaud the good behaviors at the table so that the child wants to continue maintaining them.

Make this moment something special. Sitting at the table is an occasion when all the members are together. Take advantage of these situations and ask the youngest for their day and their feelings, will favor their calm state.

Not being so rigid, nor so flexible. Such a rule can overwhelm the little ones and make them not enjoy sitting at the table, but being flexible can cause chaos to break loose. Finding the middle point between both situations will allow children to feel comfortable in their chairs. Some joke or a little joke never come bad at the moment.

Damián Montero

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