Popular nutritive myths but without scientific basis

Word of mouth is an effective method to spread a story or a belief. However, it is also a dangerous method because in many cases what is said may have an uncertain origin. Many Myths currently circulate that do not respond to a scientific basis and cause habits to be created that respond to myths without any logic.

In the field of nutrition there are several myths that have endured over the years and others that have appeared in recent years. From the College of Nutritionists of Catalonia It is warned of the growing rumor mill around gluten, an ingredient that is being victim of false advice on the part of some "experts" who recommend a diet without this product offering erroneous information.

Myths of gluten

As explained by Nancy Babio, president of this school of nutritionistsIn recent times the rumor has spread that a gluten-free diet is very beneficial for people. Specifically, they point to three myths about this ingredient that make people believe that eliminating this product from their diet will favor them:

The processed products are low in calories. False, in fact these products have more calories than those that contain gluten. These foods have more fats, more sugars and more salt to achieve palatability, that is, pleasant taste and flavor. These three ingredients worsen the quality of a diet favoring long-term chronic diseases.

Gluten-free products contribute to weight loss. This school of nutritionists mentions other studies that warn that people who take gluten-free foods, children and adults, do not lose weight, but even gain weight because it improves their absorption.

A gluten-free diet is balanced and healthy. False, these diets must be compensated with the whole grain of the cereals that they can consume, including legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk, yogurt, fish, white meats as any other person who does not have the disease, avoiding the maximum processed products even if the label indicates that they do not contain gluten.

Exclusion diet

From the College of Nutritionists of Catalonia warns that any diet that advises a person to exclude a food is already dangerous. If it is not for reasons of intolerance or allergy, any product should be kept in a person's menu. In this case, betting to eliminate the gluten of the table without a celiac disease is "reckless and unnecessary".

In particular, Nancy Babio, points out that it is unwise because "people usually consume processed products without gluten, which besides being more expensive, tend to have more added sugars and fats that are not always healthy." Unnecessary, because it is as if a person with good eyesight used prescription glasses of a myopic. "

In addition, Babio points out other benefits of gluten: it reduces triglycerides, uric acid and is beneficial for blood pressure. At this point, the president of this school warns of the growing number of rumors issued by 'pseudospecialists' who talk about matters they do not know: "On diets and food everyone thinks and is alarming some statements made by pseudo-specialists that talk about matters that they do not know and that confuse the population or, what is worse, induce behaviors and habits contrary to health ".

Damián Montero

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