Judge Calatayud warns of the growing fame of the graduations

A graduation it symbolizes the end of a harsh process after which the academic goals have been achieved. In the case of the baccalaureate or the university, students have the opportunity to celebrate that a degree has been conquered after demonstrating the required skills. However, in recent times this type of acts have not been left to the higher levels of education.

Nursery schools or preschool education organize graduations that involve an act that have an impact on the parents' pocket. A situation that the judge Emilio Calatayud has tried on his blog, where he said that currently "we are going the pot" with this type of events that end up being translated into an economic waste.

The fulfillment of duty

For Calatayud Graduations are becoming something that accompanies children throughout their academic life. From nursery schools where children wear mortarboards, until the completion of Compulsory Secondary Education. A situation that entails an economic cost in costumes and in organizing a party to celebrate the completion of the course and the conquest of some objectives.

According to Calatayud he is surprised that these parties are organized because the judge is simply celebrating the fulfillment of the student's obligations. A celebration that is far from when the student finishes the baccalaureate, the university or a Vocational Training. For the magistrate these situations suppose the end of a stage and the beginning of another one, the course towards the unknown either to initiate a higher education or to begin to work.

In the case of graduations in basic levels teaching is simply passed from one grade to another education. Calatayud believes that with this new trend in graduations the symbolic value of these events is being lost. The magistrate describes this situation as "tiresome" and expensive for the parents' pocket, asking for a little head on the matter.

Graduations and communions

Along with the graduations, Calatayud also remembers the danger that has for the pocket of the parents the "2.0 communions", which the magistrate qualifies as "faces, faces". It is true that in recent times, these events that initially have a more spiritual sense, have become a kind of coming-out where children should show off. For this reason it is worth remembering some tips for the celebration of this day so special for children:

- First Communion is a family and intimate act. It is the sacrament in which the child receives Jesus for the first time, after having previously carried out the catechesis. It is not an event where you can show off and receive expensive gifts.

- The importance of the value of the sacrament. It is a celebration where the protagonists are the children. Therefore, we must convey the true meaning of First Communion and the value of the Sacrament that they will receive.

- The costume or dress worn in the First Communion should be simple, there is no use that day to disguise the children of adults. Children should avoid having many accessories that can distract their attention at the time of the ceremony.

Damián Montero

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