Tips to stay calm when children misbehave

It is inevitable, the desire to discover and the desire for adventure of the smallest of the house end up causing some prank that deserves a fight. When the child behaves badly it is necessary to remind him by means of a reprimand, but the parents can not either be carried away by the situation. Losing your nerves can be a big shock to the child that makes you really not understand why he is scolded.

Keep the calm in these situations it is essential to achieve success in these fights. Faced with the defiant attitude of the child when he is scolded, one must position oneself calmly to explain to him what he has been wrong about. A job for which these tips can help you with those who do not get carried away by the situation.

Keep calm when children misbehave

Do not think of it as something personal. When the child misbehaves, some parents believe that they will be judged from the outside as bad educators because of their child's behavior. But you have to stay calm and remember that it is only a passing moment and that maintaining the dialogue with the child will achieve better results.

Know your situation. In these situations in which the child behaves badly many parents act quickly to end this attitude quickly, forgetting that their children may have something to say. Allowing them to explain themselves is a good idea and will favor a climate of dialogue that will help resolve the conflict in a shorter way.

Take it to a secluded place. Sometimes the exposure of a child to the sight of all while receiving a reprimand can cause him excessive nervousness that spreads to the father. To avoid it, once the child has behaved badly, it is better to talk to him in a more intimate place that favors the calm of both him and the adult.

Notify the smallest signal. Many times the attitude that deserves the reprimand is the result of other smaller ones that have not been apperceived. If parents notify the slightest signal, they will have a better chance of preventing children from behaving improperly by making older adults lose their nerves.

Remember that they are children. Children are what they are, they can not be required to be adults before their time. You have to understand their desire to discover and play before they get angry because they have not behaved like a grown-up. This does not mean that you should not impose limits on your education and scold them when you play, but you can not just lose your papers because you have not behaved like an adult.

Errors when punishing

Both when fighting and punishing you must know how to proceed. If the child's attitude deserves more than reprobation, do not forget not to make these mistakes:

Use punishment steadily. One of the main mistakes that is usually made is to use it constantly every day. This implies that it loses its effectiveness and that it does not have the effect it could have on the child.

Put non-correlative punishments at the level of the action. If a child does not study, he should not be punished by removing the kind of karate he likes so much, because no matter how much he does not go to karate, he will not study or approve. If you do not study you should study.

Do not warn punishments. Punishments must be notified, and children must know what consequences there may be if they decide to do something contrary to what we ask them to do. Many times they do something wrong and they are punished without knowing what could happen. With this, you can get that before acting think what they are going to do, leaving the option that they can choose well and no punishment is necessary.

Do not use punishment as an educational tool. Rather than thinking when a child should be punished, one must imagine that if the child, despite being constantly reinforced in a positive way so that he learns the way he should behave, does not behave properly.

Losing serenity. It is important to stay calm. When the children have mounted a good mess or have disobeyed, the first thing is to have a lot of serenity and not lose the papers because of the anger that could have caused us, because you can act disproportionately, not meditated and also, nothing positive for education of the child.

Allowing them not to comply with punishments. If the punishment remains in words, the parents lose authority. Once the decision was made, the main task to finalize would be to make sure that our children really fulfill it.

Find a punishment that bothers you. When we punish our son we must stick to the consequences of his bad behavior, not seek to do him the greatest possible harm.

Damián Montero

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