Cosmetic surgery: 5 tips to avoid false expectations

The plastic surgery It can change a person's life. The resulting physical change improves the perception of oneself, self-image, while strengthening self-esteem, the value we give to what we are. We see ourselves better and we feel reinforced. For this reason, many illusions and hopes are placed in the hands of plastic, aesthetic and repair surgeons.

However, the Spanish Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery (AECEP) warns against certain false expectations resulting from misinformation and the frivolous image that is sometimes projected from the plastic surgery. In the words of Dr. Gustavo Sordo, "we are faced with an applied science that is based on scientific evidence and technology to obtain results that suppose a substantial improvement of the aesthetics of the patient, but not the perfection in the result or the radical modifications of someone's image. "

5 tips for those who want to go through the operating room

Under this maxim, the Spanish Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery, offers five tips to those who want to go through the operating room with a realistic approach and appropriate to their needs.

1. In aesthetics, the trends are global, the individual needs.What looks good on one face does not have to work with the harmonic criteria of another, for example. A large chest size may suit a woman with broad hips, but not a very thin one, for example.

In this sense, it is advisable to avoid fads and avoid the imitation of famous people, which are common situations. According to the president of the association, Francisco Menéndez Graiño, "whenever a habitual star system it appears publicly after an intervention or with a new aesthetic retouching, new patients come asking for "that". "That" can be from fleshy lips to a marked Michaelis diamond (depressions in the back just above the buttocks). The latest is the influx of women who want to look like the daughter of the new American president, Ivanka Trump.

2. The surgery should be performed based on the health and the patient's tastes, but always taking into account their own physical characteristics.When the request does not fit these criteria and, for example, something exaggerated or extraneous to the constitution of the patient is requested, "an attempt is made to explain why the request is not indicated and the problems, risks or dysmorphia that would be caused. Despite that, he insists and does not understand it, the best thing is to advise against the surgery and not to operate on that patient.They are somewhat extreme assumptions ", explains Menéndez Graiño, but it happens.

3. Selfies do not reflect the real physicality of a person. They are not tools to make decisions of an aesthetic nature. The opinion of the professionals yes. Selfies made by mobile phones have increased the aesthetic demand at all levels, from basic cosmetics to cosmetic surgery. A reality that, with the scalpel in your hands, you have to take with more than just caution. From the AECEP ensures that selfies are not useful tools to make decisions with the aim of changing the face. On the contrary, distort the image offering a wrong perception. It is the professional criteria and the experience of the professionals. what should prevail in the final choice before surgery.

4. Cosmetic surgery offers long-term solutions, Aesthetic medicine provides immediate results. Although, as Gustavo Sordo explains, "patients are better informed every day of the different types of procedures and of the facilities and care they require, sometimes it is necessary to clarify certain concepts." Aesthetic medicine encompasses treatments performed in a clinic, which does not Neither postoperative nor general anesthesia is required, their results are not comparable to those of cosmetic surgery and their objective can never be replaced, which aims to solve the problem definitively and provides more real and lasting changes in the patient's image ".

The aesthetic treatments should be complementary to the surgery. The easiest example to understand is when instead of making a lifting the patient's face is filled every six months with products that provide volume, something that in no case will act against the underlying causes of aging and that will generate "overfilled" faces.

5. In health there are no rebates. The necessary materials to carry out an intervention of these characteristics, with general anesthesia, the necessary professional team, the previous and subsequent reviews ... Everything has a price if it is done under private healthcare.When a discount is offered on that price, the question that the patient should ask is if we are in good hands, that is, if we are going to operate with professionals, in the facilities and with the appropriate means. In cosmetic surgery, the balance price, now called low cost, can be associated with negligence that can cost lives.

Marina Berrio
Advice: Francisco Menéndez Graiño. President of the Spanish Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery. Gustavo Sordo. Member of the board of directors of the Spanish Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery

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