Cousins, brothers who do not live at home

The family is much wider than you might think. Beyond dad, mom and children, there are many other members equally important for the development of the child. Uncles, grandparents and cousins ​​are some of these people who can help the little ones grow up in a good environment and have fun with them.

Cousins ​​are a good example of this point. These almost brothers can become important people within the life of the children. From games in company of these relatives, to the development of social skills. These are just some of the benefits that a child can receive from their relationship with these relatives who can contribute so much to them.

Benefits provided by cousins

That the children maintain a good relationship with their cousins It is an excellent idea. In the first place because these relatives more or less of their same age become a playmate with whom to have fun. A relationship that establishes a prolonged link throughout life. Children acquire a person to trust and to whom they can tell their feelings.

At the same time, the little one can also become confident of his cousin. This increases the level of values ​​as important as empathy. Serving support for your relative when you are sad will enable you to apply this lesson learned in the future to your friends or other family members. Loyalty, complicity and trust are other capacities that increase thanks to this link.

This fun translates into joy every time you see and take back all those games what they had pending. The child lives happier with these family members and, what is more important, he receives coexistence lessons. In addition, the children also expand their concept of family and understand that this unit is larger than it might seem a priori.

Learn about other ways of seeing life

Sometimes the uncles live outside the city where the child is. This means that to see cousins ​​you have to travel and know other areas with its corresponding characteristics. This favors the child by making his world grow and not always stay in the same places as always.

A good relationship with cousins ​​also allows parents to sometimes leave their children in the care of uncles with the confidence that they will have good playmates. On these occasions the children will also be exposed to other environments with different rules than those they have at home, so they will learn other forms of understand life.

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