Optimism in childhood. Keys to educate happy children

Happiness consists in being happy with oneself when one realizes that the personal life project works. This project is based on a balance between the four major ingredients of life: love, work, culture and friendship.

An optimistic person is the one who trusts his possibilities, asks for the help he needs, and also trusts others. In this way, under any circumstances, first distinguish the good, the improvable, and only then, see the difficulties that stand

Optimism in the family

The optimism born of the trust we receive in the family, by the unconditional acceptance that we have. In the family, each person is accepted, and he or she is simply wanted, for what he or she is. They profess an unconditional love; that is, it does not depend on how we are, nor on what we "value" in society. We are simply loved as we are, we are loved because we "are".

The environment where this optimism can grow, in a natural way, is in the family. We know that it is a natural institution, that welcomes life and protects it, within the framework of love. You could say that the end of the family is to guard love. It allows it to emerge, increases it, and thus welcomes each person, unique and unrepeatable, as a precious jewel. This unconditional acceptance of each person is what gives us security before life. At any age. And it helps us mature.

The yes that one day we gave in our wedding is perpetuated in time, giving security and confidence. And it is what allows to love, with a love of the best texture: an unconditional love. And this is the climate that each person needs to grow, to give their best. It is like putting a "filter" in our eyes, which allows us to see the beauty of the good, and discover what can be improved, to optimize it and also be beautiful. It also arises out of gratitude for life, for being something singular, unrepeatable, precious.

And as for the difficulties, which always come, you have to know how to tackle them with effort, encouragement, hope and personal struggle. To convert the "impossible", into affordable.

Ideas to sow optimism in the family

For optimism to be born within a family, it is necessary to nurture a series of behaviors that make positivity arise naturally.

- Smiling faces. Always trust others, especially our spouse.
- Look at the goodness of the other, and emphasize it. Make it noticed. Thank you.
- That negative thoughts and feelings Do not drown the positives.
- Know how to listen, to understand and then understand. Capture your feelings, read beyond words. See with the heart.
- Cultivate a sense of humor. It is what gives us the sense of proportion. We laugh at ourselves when the situation is tense.
- Value what we are and have. First to our spouse.
- Face the difficulties and problems. Given this, the person has the power to "stop time" a moment, to think before reacting. We can choose to be victims of the event or, on the contrary, to be protagonists: take control and see the positive part of it, and that does not discourage us.

Therefore, to be optimistic, full confidence is needed. And that confidence derives from unconditional love. It is a trust and support each other, the one in the other, for love. Therefore, it is important to create and take care of the home environment, to achieve that "microclimate" where people grow, in the heat of affection, regardless of their age. In that home, love for the other stimulates optimism and makes discover the unrepeatable, specific aspects, its qualities, that adorn his person, and that only the one who loves him well knows how to find.

María José Calvo Family doctor and counselor

More information in the book: The 7 habits of highly effective families, by Stephen Covey.

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