The importance of family routine

Family life is full of wealth and special moments, but to maintain balance and order in the home, it is necessary to establish a family routine that allows us to meet the needs of all members, take advantage of time and strengthen education in virtues.

The routine, many times, it is seen as an obstacle to happiness since it is associated with monotony or lack of enthusiasm; However, when we want to achieve a harmonious family life it is necessary to establish certain norms or customs that facilitate coexistence and that help everyone to know what their role is and what they should be.

We look for balance, not rigidity

One of the most important aspects that we must take into account when establishing a family routine is that our home is not a military barracks, nor should it resemble. We seek order, the use of time and punctuality, not because they are ends in themselves, but because they help us to be better. If we have this clear, we know that we must be firm and not rigid. For example: the sleeping schedule is fulfilled every day at home, but if the grandmother is visiting, we can extend the visit for a while and make them understand that people are first.

The firmness lies in knowing how to value events in their proper measure and recognize what is important. Thus, without converting family life into pure improvisation, we will teach our children that virtue is achieved in the middle ground, and that we are not ordered or punctuated by mania, but we recognize the importance of order and punctuality to make us better people.

Routine oriented to generosity

When thinking about our family routine we have to know that it must be designed for a family, and what differentiates it from other school or work routines is that in the family we love each other and want the good of others. It is useless to establish a schedule in which everyone seeks their own good without thinking about others, we will be teaching our children that family life is a mere coexistence of individual people who only spend moments of company.

Our family routine should include moments of sharing, mutual help and service to others. Only in this way will we truly be able to live what a family is: a place where we all take care of each other and we are pending from each other

Family identity

The family routine It also helps us achieve our family identity, which brings together those elements that make us unique and differentiate us from other families. We must include in the routine some customs or traditions that are typical of our family and that are enjoyed and expected by all.

These small traditions help to renew family life and increase the sense of belonging, which is a vital feeling in the growth and development of children and adolescents, and which helps strengthen their self-esteem and security because it helps them feel part of something bigger that they.

What should not be missing in our family routine?

It is important to emphasize that routine is a great ally in virtue education. There must be elements of order, punctuality, generosity and diligence. Tools such as the calendar, the schedule or the list of orders are essential to visualize the elements of our routine and to have visual reminders of what should be done at all times, without the parents having to say it.

As in any educational process, the example is the most effective. If the parents know how to adjust our life to the familiar routine, without cutting the moments of spontaneity and creativity, but recognizing the importance that this one has in the development of the virtues; Children will learn from this behavior and it will be easier for them to adapt to the routine and recognize their benefits.

María Verónica Degwitz. Master of Science in Family Sciences and author of the blog In the living room of my house.

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