25% of Spanish students do not know how to read an invoice

Growing means taking on new responsibilities. One of them is to take charge of the bills of the house, although it seems that the new generations will find it difficult to take charge of these tasks in the future. This is clear from the data provided by the last report PISA where the students have also been asked about their financial culture.

According to this report, 25% of Spanish students 15 years They do not know how to interpret an invoice. A result that demonstrates the impoverishment of the financial culture with respect to 2012, a matter that unlike Mathematics and Sciences, has increased the gap with the average of the OECD.

Below average

If in 2012 Spanish students already scored below the European average in financial literacy, at 500 points at that time, years later their grades have fallen again. On this occasion 15-year-old students have dropped their grade to 469. It should be noted that the average of the OECD It has also gone from 500 to 489 points.

But what does financial culture mean? This subject is what teaches students to make decisions related to their money in the future and that gives them skills to move forward a home. At this point they are established five levels depending on the knowledge that the students show and where it is included from the purchase of tomatoes in bulk or in boxes, until the reading of an invoice.

According to the OECD, level 2 is what all students should have, since it is there where the basic competences to participate in society are included. In Spain, 25% of 15 year old students stay below this level. On the other hand, the average of this report places the percentage of students who fall below this level by 22%.

Improvement in Mathematics and Science

The data of this PISA report also makes clear the improvement of the students of Spain in other subjects. On this occasion the students score in Maths has been 486 points, which has brought the OECD closer to the weighting, which stands at 490.

In Science Spanish students have improved even more when reaching 493 average points, a result that coincides with the weighting of the OECD. But it has been in reading comprehension where the students of this country have shown improvement by reaching a score of 496 points.

Is punctuation obtained by Spain in reading comprehension leaves this country above the OECD average, which stands at 493 points. In addition, these data make it go ahead to other nations such as Switzerland, Iceland, Luxembourg or Italy.

Damián Montero

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