In the afternoon I enter mother mode

If we take the trouble to write on Google "glass ceiling" we will discover that the web is flooded by rivers of ink on this term, which refers to that inability of society to allow women to overcome certain thresholds in the workplace.

With this question of the "glass ceiling" it is very important not to simplify, because we do not know if that ceiling is imposed by men, if it remains closed by society or if it is the women themselves who, by their own decision, prefer not to break it.

Because, let's not deceive ourselves, in the 21st century the problem is not where the woman wants to go - we have scientists, politicians, bankers, but we have few - but what are you willing to give up to get there.

And the resignation is, in the vast majority of cases, family. Of course, those who defend full equality will arrive now and ensure that the woman can not ascend until the man changes so many diapers like her. But that is not the question.

The involvement of the father in tasks that were previously reserved for the mother is very good, but that does not mean that the mother is forced to give up certain activities because of her personal growth. That is to say, although the solicitous father occupies itself afternoon after afternoon of his demanding children so that the successful mother can work, the mother is giving up equally. Only that instead of renouncing the care of his family through a caregiver, he resigns through the father of the children. But he also renounces.

That's why I think that the glass ceiling that we have not broken yet -partly because society still does not accept it, partly because some men do not want it- is that of true conciliation, which allows us to put a space-time limit to each area of action of the person, which allows to say: "Until here", and to enter from that moment on "mother mode".

The challenge is not trivial at all, because we still have the old-fashioned squeamishness of yesteryear that equates presence schedule with effective work. Before phrases and rancid of the type "works a lot, leaves very late to work", from a very young I thought that in fact what happens is that you cunde very little, or that perhaps is distracted with unusual frequency, or that, with that of smoking you have to leave the building, you see more inside than outside, or that the "work" meals are longer than you realize.

The first time I said no to a work meeting in "children's schedule" I kept thinking that it would be, the rest of my life, considered "that that will not come to anything because it does not have time."

But, to my surprise, the counterpart in the meeting not only did not pose the slightest problem, but rather he congratulated my courage and my decision to compartmentalize the time and he quoted me for the next morning first thing. I know that this does not apply to all jobs. I recognize that not all schedules are reconcilable. But many can be reconciled more.

I guess as I get older I'm becoming more shameless and already there are few commitments that I accept beyond the time of picking up my children at school.

The surprise is that this "glass ceiling" was neither such a ceiling nor glass. It was a limit that I believed existed but that was not really there. Because I've only met in this time with a person who has refuted the argument. The rest - men and women - applaud that, finally, to really finish with these famous ceilings, let's put everything in its place and, above all, in its hour.

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