Captain Underpants. His first movie. Animation to laugh in family

Imagine that the director of your school is walking down the street in his underpants! But not because he forgot to dress, but because you and your best friend have hypnotized him. This is the story of Jorge Betanzos and Berto Henares, the naughtiest students of the Jerónimo Chumillas Elementary School, in Chaparrales, a city in the state of Palizona. Jorge is the thinking head of all the plans and Berto, his inseparable accomplice. In fact, they not only spend time together at school, but also outside. As soon as the classes are over, the two run to their tree house, where they write comics to forget about the boring school.

Jorge and Berto invent Captain Underpants

Jorge writes and Berto paints. Together they invent the history of Captain Underpants. The idea was Jorge, tired of all the superheroes seem to fly in underwear, decided to create one that, indeed, was in underwear. Thus, Captain Underpants, who has nothing to do with conventional heroes, tries to save the planet with his white cotton briefs and red cape.

The History of Captain Underpants he would have stayed in Jorge and Berto's notebooks if a small incident had not crossed his path. One of their pranks at school came out more expensive than they thought and ended up in the principal's office! There, the director Carrasquilla gave them a surprise that they did not like anything: he was going to send them to different classes.

The decision required an urgent response on their part, but what can two children do in front of the head of the school? Hypnotize him with a ring! A few minutes later, the director Carrasquilla had removed his clothes and had remained in his underpants, although his cape was missing. A quick glance at the office and solution found: the curtain would be the layer that every superhero needs.

A fast-paced story of superheroes

At that moment, the problems of Jorge and Berto are just beginning. Although it seemed that director Carrasquilla's fights were over, now they have to control a goofy superhero, who only gets into trouble.

Jorge and Berto discover through Captain Underpants that the director of the school is not the cold and distant person they thought, but a man who lives alone and is not happy. In addition, the tricks and messes that your superhero gets into will teach you that the acts then have consequences, which are not always predictable.

Of course, in this story of superheroes can not miss an evil character, someone willing to hinder. Jorge and Berto are not naughty because they are bad, but because they love to laugh and this is where they find their main enemy: Professor Pipicaca. A mad scientist who despises everything that has to do with laughter. Actually, Professor Pipicaca He has had a trauma with laughter since the Nobel Prize committee denied him the award when he learned of his peculiar name and considered it too ridiculous.

12 books about the history of Captain Underpants

This film directed by David Soren is undoubtedly an opportunity for children to see one of their favorite comic book superheroes on the screen. Captain Underpants is based on the work of the writer Dav Pilkey, who has published a series of 12 books about adventures of this character.

The children will have fun watching Berto, Jorge, Mr. Carrasquilla and the other teachers at Jerónimo Chumillas Elementary School. In addition there are surprises and new characters that do not appear in the book. Parents will enjoy this animated film created by the same studio, Dreamworks, which gave life to Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar.

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