5 tricks to teach children to brush their teeth

Hygiene is a complicated issue to accustom the little ones, but everything becomes easier when they see it as a game. Thus, the obligation to bathe every day is not a problem for them when they can take the toys to the bathtub. With dental hygiene something similar happens, not all children clean their teeth daily, and to get them to do so they can be helped in different ways.

Having a correct care of the mouth is very important so that cavities do not appear or other oral problems such as gingivitis and in case they arise it is always advisable to consult with the best specialists. It is not necessary to scare children to avoid them, but one way to make them understand better than dental hygiene is essential to prevent major problems can be inventing tricks and games related to cleaning teeth, with what they will learn and have fun. The songs and stories are also a good resource, since the protagonists could suffer the effects of bad brushing.

Tricks to teach children to brush their teeth

If what you want your children to get is the habit of brushing teeth several times a day, do it alone and with a good technique, it is necessary to invest some time and patience in teaching them some effective tricks that they will not forget and that they will put into practice every day:

1. Imitation. A trick that works very well is imitation. Children love to imitate everything they see, especially if they are "grown-ups". That's why it's good to observe their parents or siblings brushing teeth correctly. Buy a brush suitable for your age and with beautiful colors, it's a good idea, and even better, take them to choose it to your liking. They will feel special and will take care of you.

The best way to include dental care in their habits is that it has always been a habit, that is, that their parents cleaned their teeth until they learned to do it for themselves. Likewise, incorporating it into your routine does not necessarily mean that you do it well, so you will need to be aware of them and check that they brush their teeth for at least two minutes and do not leave any area to be cleaned.

2. Learn the technique. Brush from top to bottom and from bottom to top, including the gums to avoid the appearance of tartar between the gum and the tooth, brush the molars and the inner face of the teeth and, very important, lastly, you must also clean the tongue .

3. Use toothpaste well. Although you like the taste, because it tastes like gum, toothpaste is not eaten or swallowed. The amount of toothpaste that is put into the brush should equal a chickpea. It is convenient that they use the right amount so that they do not form a lot of foam or then it is more difficult for them to rinse their mouths.

4. Mouthwash. Ideal to prevent cavities thanks to fluorinated formulas. They will love to learn how to use it as a game, while swelling their cheeks. It is essential to teach them that it does not replace brushing, but complements it and that it should always be done after brushing, never before.

5. Dental floss. It presents more complications when it comes to acquiring ability to use it well by children, but it is essential for greater interdental hygiene. Deploy about 20 cm of dental floss and try to practice with the incisors first, then move to the molars.

Marina Berrio

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