Limits on the child, how to avoid becoming the slave of your children

Educating a child is one of the biggest responsibilities that has a person. Instilling values ​​and training a person with the aim of making someone useful is difficult enough and if care is not taken it is very possible that the child becomes the master of the house and the parents become his slaves.

To avoid ending up being the slave of your children it is important to mark certain limits in education. Point out the barriers that are not going to be allowed to cross for anything in the world and that must be obeyed in order to avoid future problems. Maintain a relationship of cordiality but in which respect is never lacking, one thing is to get along well and quite another is to confuse the parental-filial relationship with a friendship.

Parents help, they do not fix everything

The first limit that the child must abide by is that it has a series of responsibilities what to take For example the cleaning of your room, this should correspond to the child and the parents should remind him constantly. If the child leaves the bed undone, the parents should sit with him and remind him of this obligation, never assume this task for the child.

Another possibility is that the child forgets his homework or a book in his backpack at the time of going to school. If this happens, even if it involves a fight by the teacher, parents should not resolve the ballot. The attitude of the parents should remind them that this neglect can not be repeated, but that what they have to do is pay more attention next time.

The figure of the father

Children should be given love and educated from empathy, always taking into account the vision of children. But you should never forget who the father is or the respect due to him. The parents are the highest authority in the house and those who impose the rules, which can be debated but never changed without the authorization of adults.

As the child grows it is possible that this figure of authority will be diluted as the child grows and becomes a teenager. This stage of rebellion It is difficult to maintain the limits since the intention of young people is always to skip the rules that their parents have imposed on them.

Staying hard at this time is very important. Allowing children to go out with their friends and have fun is something advisable since it favors their socialization, but allowing them everything is not recommended at all. Some parents give in to avoid long discussions with the adolescents or the emotional blackmail of them. This only helps the young person understand that in this way he will obtain success and will resort to these methods to achieve his goals.

Security and autonomy

In other cases the blame for the enslavement of parents is themselves, of his overprotection by the little ones. There are many parents who exceed their work and give everything to children, which does not allow them to develop their autonomy, making them more insecure people who do not feel able to take a step without the authorization of the children.

We must encourage children to dare with new challenges, to act on their own. Advise them as much as possible, but never allow them to take a new step towards their autonomy. You do not have to have fear that children make mistakes, mistakes can also be learned

Damián Montero

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