Ten Spanish universities among the best evaluated by the Erasmus

Studying and training is something important, both in Spain and in the rest of the world. For this reason we must know how to choose the center where this teaching will be developed. In this sense, it seems that our country is a good place to learn since the universities within these borders are the best valued by the Erasmus foreign.

Spain is the country that receives the most foreign students within the area where the scholarship program is present Erasmus. A trend that has remained unchanged since 2001 and that has made 10 of these higher education institutions present in the top 20 universities best valued by students outside our borders to study abroad.

16 years of success

This scholarship program for mobility already leads 30 years working. On the occasion of the celebrations of this anniversary, Jorge Sáinz, Secretary General of Universities, has highlighted the success that this program has had in our country.

"We have been the first recipient of Erasmus students in Europe for 16 years, and the success of the Erasmus program in Spain is indisputable, not only among the university community, but also throughout society," Sainz explained at the 30th anniversary celebration Erasmus scholarships held in Barcelona.

The Spanish university has become a benchmark for students of the European Union. The latest data reveals that a total of 42,537 Higher Education students chose this country to take advantage of this mobility program. In second place appears Germany, which hosted 32,871 Erasmus scholars and in the third place appears United Kingdom with 30,183 students.

As has been said in the first paragraphs, Spain has 10 centers which are among the top 20 of all those participating in the Erasmus program. The University of Granada is the leader in this ranking, the University of Valencia appears in the third place and the Complutense University of Madrid is in fourth place in this list of this scholarship system.

Benefits of an Erasmus scholarship

An Erasmus scholarship is a good option for the university student. Participating in this program ensures many benefits for students. The first one is the use of a language. Studying in another country involves contacting people who do not speak the same mother tongue, an opportunity to practice both the language of the nation you have left and English, a good tool to communicate with the rest of foreigners.

Participating in the Erasmus program also helps the student know other cultures, other ways of thinking. This helps both in his personal growth and in his academic curriculum, since in this way he learns new methods of work that can contribute to his future success. New skills that help you have skills that you could not have acquired in any other way.

On the other hand, the Erasmus program is very well valued by companies when it comes to recruiting staff. Having been studying in a foreign country is something that provides languages ​​and new ways of understanding work, two skills that have high estimated bidders of a job.

Damián Montero

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