3 tips to choose studies and a profession

Soon the school year will end and the students who finish ESO will have to decide if they study the Baccalaureate and in what specialty, if they attend some intermediate cycle of Vocational Training or what higher cycle, if they have access to a university degree, etc. Making any of these decisions is not easy and can generate a normal anxiety in young people.

The family and school environment is important to help the student overcome this anxiety, although their opinions should not be decisive. For example, the family comments are not: choose the same studies by family tradition, you will live badly studying this, you will not find work, you will have to go abroad to work ...

3 tips to choose your professional future

According to the experts before making a decision to choose the studies, it is necessary to take into account three elements:

1. Self-knowledge. "Knowing oneself" was already recommended by Greek philosophers. Self-knowledge is made up of personal competences and skills, our values ​​and interests. It is the first step to take, before taking into account the offer of training and future employment.

It is important to ask ourselves: how are we? What are we highlighting? What do we know how to do well? Value our interests, abilities and hobbies such as going to the movies, reading, practicing some sport. Also take into account the values ​​of the profession that we like or motivate, as if it is important for us to help people, solidarity, social prestige, creativity, have a good economic position ...

Some schools have the figure of the "mentor" (accompaniment) or the so-called "project of life and professional" for the students of the secondary stage, even begin before in elementary school. The student writes down the competences, abilities and interests that he / she is showing and when he / she reaches 4th of ESO it is already clearer which studies to follow and their future work.

2. The academic offer.This is increasingly broad and diverse. It is necessary to know and inform us of the offer of existing studies, to find the one that best suits our objectives and possibilities.

3. The labor market. You have to know thoroughly if possible, the characteristics and tasks performed by professionals to choose the profession that interests us. It is important to talk with different professionals to tell us the pros and cons of their professional lives.

Currently, the labor market is very changeable and it is not advisable to choose the studies according to the departures that a specific sector has, since if they now have high chances of entering the labor market, it may happen that when they finish their studies they will have less insertion.

Vocation and labor market situation

We should not choose the studies in function of a high professional insertion if we do not like them, nor emphasize, nor are we good. It is very important to study what we like to avoid a possible abandonment, although we will always have time to rectify our decision and change them for another type of different studies.

It is normal that we tend to idealize certain studies and professions that interest us, but we must assess that all have their advantages and disadvantages.

At present labor markets are very competitive and we must bear in mind that as technology evolves so rapidly, people throughout their professional life must constantly train and learn to adapt to the rapid changes that occur in companies. current and future.

Mercedes Corbella. Psychologist and diploma in Social Work.

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