Cough in pregnancy, how to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem

The pregnancy It is a stage as beautiful as it is delicate. The future mother faces a stage in which any matter that before did not matter, now can seriously compromise her health. For example, the cough, which at other times would only mean a few bad days and a quick recovery that would not be important.

However, during the pregnancy the cough can be the prelude to a cold. A health problem that can compromise the health of the baby. Therefore when the woman begins to manifest this symptom, it is important to take measures in order to go further and end up leading to a more serious problem for your health.

Prevention of cough

To keep the cough away and prevent as much as possible health problems associated with it, such as a cold or flu, from the American Pregnancy Association A series of tips are given to keep these problems at bay. All of them ensure a healthy lifestyle for both the baby and the woman during pregnancy:

- Wash your hands assiduously. Viruses can be present anywhere, so it is important to maintain good hand hygiene to avoid infection.

- Adequate rest. Alternations in sleep can cause a decrease in the immune system, which leads to a greater chance of contracting diseases.

- Take care of the minimum signal. If the mother appreciates that she starts coughing, it is better to start taking care of herself, rest more and rest before this process gets worse.

- Relieve the throat. The cough may be due to irritation of the throat, which may be caused by other matters unrelated to the cold. Even so, the mother may feel very upset by this situation, so it is recommended to relieve this area of ​​the body when irritated.

- Go to the doctor. If along with the cough, other symptoms appear that warn of a bigger problem, the mother must go to the doctor in order to initiate a correct treatment.

Cold care

If finally the cough ends up leading to a cold, it is important to proceed appropriately to solve the best way situation.

These are some rabbits to help the pregnant constipated:

- Drink plenty of fluids to solve the loss of fluids due to mucus.

- Rest as much as possible so that the pregnant woman feels well.

- Use humidifiers to decongest the nose.

- Control the possible fever in the pregnant woman and do everything possible so that it does not increase. For this you can use wet towels to apply on the forehead or baths in warm water.

Damián Montero

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