EvAU exams: tips for before, during and after

The entrance exams to the university, now called EvAU (Evaluation for Access to the University), also known as Selectivity or PAU in previous years, stress many students because their grade depends on whether they can study or not the university degree they want

To get good grades in these exams that last a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 4, not only is it necessary to have studied enough, you also have to know how to perform to the maximum and be well prepared psychologically to face them. For this reason, the professor of Psychology at the CEU San Pablo University, Fernando Miralles, considers fundamental some tips to overcome these exams before performing them, during them and afterwards.

The EvAU test is very important for the future of young people, so "it is normal that their levels of anxiety rise a lot", says Professor Miralles. However, he notes that "it is important to remind young people that a 97% of students pass the EvAU in the exams in June, and that they have the unconditional support of their family, teachers, and most importantly, they have been studying for two years to get good grades and pass this exam. "

Professor Miralles, expert in anxiety in exams and oppositions, recommends to the students of EvAU these tips:

Tips for before the exams of the EvAU

to. Find a suitable place to study and that it is close to home so as not to waste a lot of time on trips. If you can study at home better, so you have all the material you need at your fingertips.
b. Take your organized agenda and so you will know what you have to review every day.
c. Start studying the subjects that are worst for you or that you like least.
d. Learn to study with a good study technique (remember the steps: quick reading, reading comprehension, underlining, outline / summary and study with mnemonic rules and photographic memory).
and. Perform some relaxation technique before going to bed.
F. Always keep in mind the unconditional support of parents, family, friends and teachers.
g. Lead a healthy life, do not take drugs to sleep or make copious meals.
h. Try to get information about exams from previous years, so you can do simulations of the test.
i. Visit days before the place where the exam will be, to avoid unfounded fears and last minute surprises.

Tips for the days of exams of the EvAU

to. Go ahead to the test site, and if it can be, in public transport. On the day of the test, many parents take their children to college and incredible clogs form that help increase anxiety.
b. Have a good breakfast, bring water and something solid in case the test or the waiting time is extended.
c. Avoid a thorough review, since that information is already stored in your memory.
d. Do not discuss the agenda with your friends, Then there will be such difficult questions that the teacher will not even consider putting on the exam.
and. Avoid talking to friends who are very nervous, since they can transmit their uneasiness and they will end up with even more anxiety.
F. If you notice that you are nervous, Start the relaxation techniques and breathe with the abdomen.

Tips for the realization of the exams of the EvAU

to. Read all the questions and, if there is one that you do not understand well, consult the examiner.
b. Begin the exam by the question you know best, this way you will get points, and you will increase your security during the exam. At the same time, your brain will search for the answers to the rest of the questions you have read.
c. Take a watch and control the time at all times what remains of exam.
d. You must expose each idea in a paragraph and underline the most important ideas.
and. If possible, leave some time to review.
F. If you remain blank or you get nervous, try to stop and write on a page 10 words that start with the same letter; this way you will disconnect a moment of the exam.

Tips after the EvAU exam

Celebrate that the exam has finished and that it is normal for you to have passed it. Remember at all times that the worst thing that can happen is to suspend it (Suspend EvAU less than 3%) and, that in two months you will have the same exam, with the same agenda, the same time to do it and you will have been able to review everything more slowly.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice:Fernando Miralles Professor of Psychology at the CEU San Pablo University

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