How to prepare your home for the arrival of a baby

Is there a child on the way? Congratulations parents! The arrival of a new member to the family is a great news that must be celebrated in style, although it also means working. When the member arrives at home, he / she will find a favorable environment for their development and that will ensure a safe environment for their growth.

A good home for the adult It does not mean a safe place for the baby. There are many things that have to be prepared at home before the new member arrives. A job that will mean a very favorable growth for the little one and that will avoid more than one headache.

What you must keep in mind

- Home safety test. Are you sure that your home is safe for a baby? The dangers that can affect an adult are not the same that can cause harm to children. Cleaning products should be kept out of the reach of the child and the doors should have additional systems so that children do not access dangerous products.

- Warn visitors. The arrival of a baby is news that cheers the whole family. But all this emotion must be measured so as not to turn the home into a place where the movement of people is constant. To avoid the burden of the mother and the baby, it is better to ask friends and family members to come little by little to make their visits.

- Clean and avoid certain areas. Cleaning the home should be a constant at home to prevent the baby from suffering an infection. For this reason, areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen, which are usually dirtier and which can be dangerous for children, should also be kept away as much as possible. The passage through these rooms must be for specific purposes: eating or bathing, never to play as you can in the lounge.

- Prepare the refrigerator. The child has its own food until it grows enough to eat the same as an adult. Paps, purees and other items should find accommodation in pantries and refrigerators. As the delivery approaches, it is better to prepare these sites.

- Review some products. The skin of the baby is more delicate than that of an adult. Therefore, some products such as detergents or softeners should be checked to avoid the appearance of dermatitis and other problems. It is always advisable to ask a pediatrician for advice on what are the best articles in this regard.

- Prepare your room. Needless to say, the arrival of a new member means preparing a room for him. Paint your new room, place the furniture and keep it tidy for when the baby enters your new home. These plans should begin in the first months of pregnancy to prevent the mother from making efforts before entering the final phase of pregnancy.

Damián Montero

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