How to make children readers: 8 tips to create reading hobbies

Reading is of great importance in the process of development and maturation of children. And not only because of the relationship between reading and school performance; Reading provides culture, develops the aesthetic sense, acts on the formation of personality, as well as being a source of enjoyment and pleasure. So, How to make children readers, this is precisely what is stated in his book of the same title Carmen Lomas. The family depends very much on getting create reading love in a child.

The 35% of Spaniards never read or almost never read. It is the most recent data available, thrown by the barometer of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), which includes a long section focusing on the reading habits of the Spanish.

In this context, Silvia Martínez-Markus, a graduate in German philology and author of several youth titles, stresses the need to change this data and states that without reading there is no culture, and without culture there is no progress. Do we want our children to be mere passive consumers of superficial information in a globalized world, or do we want to establish in their education some pillars that help them achieve a certain degree of wisdom? Those pillars are the Good books. In this rough sea where we live without lighthouses or polar stars to guide us in the dark, children will find in the classics the compass, the navigation charts and the sextant not to be lost.

In Silvia's opinion, we can not forget that a child who spends his childhood in front of the television set his adolescence in front of the computer and will reach adulthood being unable to understand reality or his own identity. He will be an easily manipulated person and will govern his own ship with clumsiness.

Benefits of reading for children

For the author, the benefits of reading in childhood are innumerable, since literary education is never an adornment in education. With books we create our own language that will help us think and act in freedom, it states. Words give meaning to what we are and what happens to us, to shape our personality.

Literature also keeps feelings alive. For example, when we tell a story to a child we are giving our Affection, warmth and company. In many cases these stories provide relief and comfort, and through fantasy they make them understand the world in which they live. Plus,develop your imagination, which are the wings of the mind. A crucial skill for your cognitive and emotional development.

Sometimes, we are overwhelmed if our son does not like to read. Calm: Silvia explains that if he's a boy and he's around twelve or thirteen, it's normal to stop reading. If we put a solid foundation from the earliest childhood, will recover the habit later. If it is a small child, it is preferable not to pressure him, but to leave attractive books, illustrated books, comics, that he can pick up when he wants. It is fundamental that the child sees that in his family he reads, that his parents and his brothers have a good time reading.

How to love children to read

Children must be fond of books almost since they see the light. First it will be the letters and picture books, and little by little we will bring you closer to the world of words. Reading should be educational and fun. But You always have to start with fun, that the children enjoy with the story, with the drawings, the colors. The market now offers a variety of illustrated books that are true works of art, with authors such as Dautremer, Lacombe or Tesa González. We will only get the child to learn if he has a good time reading.

8 tips to create reading hobbies in children

- That parents value reading, preferring it to other activities
- Let our children see us reading, the example is the best animation
- Let's read aloud to the children since they were little.
- That the books are present in the house as an object more commonly used.
- That there is a quiet place to read in the house
- That talking about books is a frequent topic of conversation
- That books are a usual gift
- Going with children to places where there are books: bookstores, libraries, fairs ...

Choosing books: children's favorite reading topics

We must let it be they who choose the readings, but before we have preselected what we are going to offer. Books and school do not educate, educate parents, and it is the parents' responsibility to offer their children the readings that correspond to the type of education who want to provide them. Reading influences their education more than television or the computer, hence the responsibility when choosing a book is greater than, for example, a movie.

It's fundamental know bookstores -libreros- of trust They can recommend us the best among the thousands of books published each year. It is also interesting to know the offers and lines of training of the different publishers to find those that most resemble the educational ideal in which I want my child to grow.
Silvia always recommends going to the classics: "A book that is still published one hundred, two hundred years after being written is a masterpiece."

Most frequent mistakes that parents and teachers make with reading

The The main error is giving the child a book that does not includeand. If nobody forces him to read it, he will leave it on the shelf and surely when he grows up he will look for it and read it with pleasure. The main problem lies in those compulsory readings of books that neither understand nor have literary quality. The child suffers and considers it, with reason, a waste of time. And the exciting act of reading becomes an annoyance, which over time is cornered to choose another leisure offer much more rewarding. Other mistakes that we make sometimes are:

- Use reading as punishment
- Constantly remember how good it is to read
- Reject that they do not read
- Impose some tasks for having read a book: a file, a summary, etc.
- Always relate books with academics
- Require them to finish a book started
- Force your tastes to read that book that at your age we loved
- Propose the reading of books as a substitute activity of television

More information in the bookHow to make children readers, from the author Carmen Lomas

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