Mother's Day, why do we celebrate it on this date?

The dedication of a mother is one of the most sacrificed in the world and is not paid. Needless economic retribution, the love of a child is enough and deserves each of the hours of sleeplessness. To remember the importance of this figure within the family, every first Sunday in May a day is dedicated to thank this work. It is the famous Mother's Day.

But, why is the First Sunday of May to celebrate Mother's Day? Why is this date chosen and not another? The answer lies in the history of the United States.

From December 8 to May

Traditionally in Spain Mother's Day It was related to the cult of the Virgin Mary, the woman who gave birth to Jesus. For this reason, it began to be celebrated on December 8, date chosen by Pope Pius IX who designates this point of the calendar as the day of the Immaculate Conception.

The change of date from December 8 to the first Sunday of May is related to the decision of the President of the United States, Wilson Woodrow that in 1914 he designated this date to honor mothers. After this declaration in North America, in Spain it was decided to separate the cult of the Immaculate Conception and the celebration of a day to thank the women for this dedication.

Finally it was 1965 when the Mother's Day it happened to be celebrated the second Sunday of May, as Woodrow had stipulated, to the first. In this way, this day in the fifth month of the year serves to thank the mothers for their sacrifice and dedication to make their children succeed.

Gifts for Mother's day

What can be given to a mother in her day? The catalog is extensive and nothing better than looking at the characteristics of the mother, before choosing her present. These are some tips:

- For the forgetful. If the mother is one of those people who have trouble remembering important appointments, nothing better than an electronic agenda to help her in her work. A way to help her that if the memory does not reach her, have a technological support that always reminds her of what she has been able to forget.

- For athletes. If mom wants to take care of herself, you can help her by giving her a heart rate meter so that when she goes running, she knows what her health condition is. One way to monitor your heart rate and know if you should stop or you can continue a few more kilometers.

- For the readers. Does mom like reading but has little room for more books? Then the best thing is an e-Book with which to store your favorite novels and volumes. In addition, this facilitates the purchase of new copies through electronic stores. A quick solution to the problems.

- For those who want to improve. Raising children, being successful at work taking care of your physique, acting as a therapist ... Many tasks are those that mothers have to take on and that can be overwhelming. Meg Meeker helps women cope with these situations in their book The 10 habits of happy mothers. Help mom to improve with this copy.

- For coffee lovers. Starting the day sometimes requires a little push in the form of a coffee cup. In addition, this drink is the passion of many people. Make mom can enjoy a good breakfast or snack with a coffee maker that makes delicious cups.

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