Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon: funny plans


The Vans division of Mercedes-Benz has extended its family of compact motorhomes with an additional member. The new Marco Polo Horizon that completes the range of the previous basic version and Activity. The third member of the Marco Polo family goes on sale with a price starting at 48,630 euros.

Thanks to the varied possibilities of setting up the seats, which include up to seven seated seats and beds for up to five people, the new Horizon combines functionality with the elegant design of the Class V. This is a car developed for leisure activities and those who can make the most of the most adventurous users, to enjoy on weekends and outdoor vacations.

Its compact external dimensions and a height below two meters make the Marco Polo Horizon not only practical for free time, but also a practical vehicle for day to day, as, for example, has no problems when parking in any conventional parking.

Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon: practical equipment

The new German 'van' has been developed on the basis of Class V and to adapt to the use of camping has been endowed with a kitchen module, sink, refrigerator and multiple compartments for storing clothes and objects, rotating front seats, a seat bench convertible into a bed and another bed in the ceiling, and standard space for four people. It is the ideal vehicle for individualists who seek the best and who also use the motorhome on longer trips, preserving their independence as much as possible, in an environment of comfort typical of the brand.

The other model, the compact motorhome Marco Polo Activitity, is developed on the basis of Vito Tourer, and is presented above all as a functional and flexible vehicle for travel. With a highly variable interior and up to five places to spend the night, it is designed not only for young families, but also for sports enthusiasts and outdoor activities that want to spontaneously undertake adventures.

However, the Horizon model combines the qualities of the previous vehicles of the Marco Polo range, with a more flexible character, since the same can be used for day-to-day activities, from traveling with children to school, work and a Allied for weekend plans.

All thanks to the multiple seating options. The range of possibilities ranges from the standard configuration with a three-seater bench convertible into a bed and two swiveling front seats, through the option of four individual seats up to the seven-seat version with a three-seater bench convertible into a bed in the second rear row and two additional individual seats in the first back row.

It is even possible to increase the interior space, which can be adapted according to needs when extracting seats, for example, to transport sports equipment and leisure time. Thus, the leisure vehicle easily becomes a vehicle for daily use and vice versa.

Sleeping comfort

Comfort at bedtime is also guaranteed. The comfortable bed on the roof, with dimensions of 2.05x1.13 meters, is suitable for two people. Depending on the configuration chosen, the rear seat bench can be converted into a 1.93x1.35 meter bed, which offers space for up to three people. Under the convertible bank there is two practical drawers for storing objects.

And so that nothing disturbs the dream, the interior can be darkened with curtains. Likewise, with the rest of the models of the brand it is possible to customize the interior with all kinds of materials and high quality finishes.

The same applies to Mercedes Connect Me services, which are available so that users can interconnect from their vehicle through the 'smartphone', tablet or computer. Free basic services include the Mercedes-Benz emergency call, accident, maintenance and fault management, remote diagnostics and remote vehicle diagnostics.

As an option you can also use the real-time traffic information service Live Traffic Information and numerous Remote Online services, such as the control of optional independent hot water heating.

The range of diesel engines is the same as the V-Class, with powers from 136, 163 and 190 horses. It is also possible to choose between the rear propulsion or the 4x4 all-wheel drive of the 4Matic system, in both cases combined with the seven-speed automatic transmission 7G-Tronic Plus, with which you can obtain low consumption and emissions.

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