Children see inhalers as something uncomfortable for their student life

The asthma It is a problem that can make the life of the youngest is altered to a great extent. However, following the proper treatment, these problems can be corrected quickly. One of these points that must be maintained is the use of inhalers, however, in many cases it is difficult to keep these recommendations for multiple problems.

One of the main problems that specialists find in this point is that children abandon their inhalers because they consider them as a burden in their student life. This is explained from the Queen's Mary University of London after having analyzed the cases of 700 students with asthma in the schools of the United Kingdom.

Asthma decontrol

Of all these students, 42% have a inhaler He acknowledged that they did not feel comfortable when using it in class. In fact, 29% of students asthmatics that they should use this article affirmed that they did not resort to it even when their breathing was difficult.

In the case of specific products such as inhaled corticosteroids, the 56% of the students acknowledged not using it in a manner faithful to the indications, while 42% said they did not know what they are for. This situation supposes a serious uncontrol of the asthma in the children and they are more and more attacks of this respiratory disease in the schools.

The causes pointed out by the researchers are the fear of the children to be seen as someone different in the school and therefore be victims of harassment. Therefore, schools are encouraged to initiate programs that indicate to children the importance of controlling their medication to avoid these problems. To make children understand that items such as inhalers or glasses are necessary and that they are not synonymous with mockery.

Reacting to an asthma crisis

Asthma is a disease that although controllable, can lead to serious crises that endanger the integrity of the smallest. The most important thing in these situations is knowing how to react and proceed appropriately. These are the concrete steps:

- Quickly manage the medication relevant, in this case the inhalers.

- Reassure the child and try to make the nervousness do not hinder your breathing.

- Keep it in a open environment where it does not lack the air and can breathe with tranquility.

- In case of not responding, go quickly to emergencies so that the professionals solve this problem.

Damián Montero

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