15% of teens recognize getting drunk usually

Adolescence is one of the most uncertain stages that people have to go through. A moment of change and in which sometimes bad decisions are made that can have disastrous consequences. On some occasions, the search for social acceptance and feeling integrated into a group leads the youngest to begin to consume very dangerous substances such as alcohol.

A trend that has worsened in recent years, as indicated by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine. This organism emphasizes that the consumption of alcohol in recent years it has doubled and the number of young people who get drunk has increased to the point that the massive intake of alcoholic beverages is common in new generations.

Danger of ethyl coma

The data presented by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine are clear: alcohol has become a problem among the new generations. Currently 30% of young people among 14 and 18 years he confesses that he has been drunk at least once in the last month and 15% of adolescents admit that he abuses these drinks every week.

The beginning in the consumption of alcohol at these ages has important consequences long-term, as highlighted by Rodrigo Córdoba, Coordinator of the Health Education and Health Promotion Group, who exposes these minors have a 46% more chance of having problems with drinking throughout their lives. In addition, the member of this body highlights one of the greatest risks at this point: the ethyl coma.

According to Córdoba, alcohol also has a serious influence on the daily life of adolescents, since it can be responsible for the decrease in their grades, confrontation in fights, depressive episodes, fights with family members and greater probability of suffering an accident. For the coordinator there is only one answer: the prevention from the early ages.

Measures that could help

From the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine, the Government is suggested some measurements that could help improve the situation among young people:

- Increase the price of alcoholic beverages through taxes. The price of these products is 19% cheaper than the European average, making them more expensive would make it harder for young people to access them.

- Reduce the availability of alcohol in establishments and change sales schedules. Alcohol should not be distributed at night in those places where it is not consumed.

- The BAC allowed for driving vehicles should be zero.

- To obtain a social agreement so that the age of majority is respected for the beginning of consumption of alcoholic beverages at least at 18 years of age and not allow their intake before.

- Reduce advertising and sponsorship of alcoholic beverages and do not see it as something elitist and fun

- Apply harsh economic sanctions for public consumption and include reeducation programs between these sanctions

- Place health warnings on all packages of alcoholic beverages similar to those that appear on tobacco packets.

Damián Montero

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