Spanish students consider themselves happy, but bullying is still present

How do young Spanish people feel? Is it so happy or is your emotional state rather low? According to the report data "The welfare of students", belonging to PISA 2015, most of the students affirm that they are on a fairly acceptable emotional level and do not have many problems of encouragement.

Of course, despite the fact that most students in Spain claim to feel happy, other problems such as bullying are still very present. Other aspects such as exams also make students in this country feel overwhelmed or see their mood decline.

Remarkable in happiness

The data of this investigation includes the opinions of a total of 37,000 students Spaniards from 980 different centers. On this occasion, PISA did not want to focus solely on their academic skills, but also took an interest in their feelings within the school. Some data that reveal that students in Spain feel quite happy for a general term.

Spanish students qualify with a 7,4 Over 10 your level of happiness. In fact, in Spain, young people have the greatest feeling of belonging to the educational center and this data is much higher than in the rest of the OECD. Specifically, 87% of students recognize being part of the place where they study and being quite well adapted.

In the case of immigrant students, the sense of belonging. Although in the case of the second generation, the feeling of being part of the school is greater, which suggests that the Spanish educational system has a good system to integrate new students.

What overwhelms the students

But not everything is rosy in the schools and institutes of Spain. Schools are the focus of many problems for students, such as bullying, which affects more students than it seems. In this country, 14% of young people admit to having been the victim of a case of harassment, some numbers that although they are lower than the OECD average, 18.7%, are still worrisome.

Because the data that this report also offers reveal that schools with a higher level of harassment in their classrooms, tend to present at the same time 21 points less in subjects such as Science. That is, the bullying It has a very negative effect on the academic life of the students.

Another of the issues that most take away the sleep of Spanish students is that of the exams. 48% of students admit to feel great anguish when preparing for a test and 67% acknowledge that this nervousness remains despite having studied and reviewed, a trend that increases in the case of young people with higher academic performance.

According to the report, this anxiety is not the result of the workload that students in Spain have, but rather is related to the perception that students have. For those responsible for this study You have to make young people feel that they are really learning and not just memorize and then expose it on paper.

Damián Montero

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