Education in honesty, the best remedy against corruption

When 6 out of 10 citizens consider that corruption, along with unemployment, is the problem that worries you most, you have to do a double analysis. On the one hand, that the scourge of larceny has reached intolerable limits. On the other, that society is perfectly capable of distinguishing morally blameworthy behavior from ethical behavior.

But the reality is that our country began decades ago a terrible drift towards corruption. Faced with this shameful situation, we must ask ourselves how we have finished at this point and what we can do to get out of it. The answer is simple: you have to educate in honesty.

In the barometer of the Center for Scientific Research, the statistics that include, among other sections, what are the concerns of the Spanish, threw some significant data. 63.8 percent of respondents believe that corruption is a serious problem from which new ones will derive. This absolute majority of fellow citizens worried about corruption is close to the number of those worried about unemployment. So that it seems so serious to the Spaniards not to find the right employment as to live in regimes in which the lie in the economic field is at ease.

Too many news related to corruption

The stream of news related to corruption that the media shells day after day has also led society to a satiety that can be translated, either in reaction, or in pessimistic complacency. But the certain thing is that the reiteration of cases has penetrated deep in the conscience of the Spaniards and that is the first step to guarantee the regeneration.

In addition, the shock wave of lies has reached all the estates and ideologies, politicians and economists, entrepreneurs and the unemployed alike. The oil stain is not circumscribed to a specific nucleus, it is not like a localized tumor that can be removed, but it has spread over a large area. But, fortunately, we arrived in time to take action on the matter.

The positive news before the more than 1,700 causes for corruption before the justice is that the anger of the Spaniards is clear. This concern is a novelty that had not occurred in good times, when they occurred most of the embezzlement of the public treasury, of the money of all. In times of fat cows, with a society with pockets satisfied, everyone looked the other way with cases of corruption because there were many, too many, those who practiced some form of fraud to a greater or lesser extent.

Suffice it to think about the construction, which, as it is known through journalistic and judicial investigations, was the hunting ground of parties and companies to create commissions and awards. Top was trafficked with briefcases. Below, with extra hours not quoted, with jobs without an invoice, with payments in B for the houses. That is, all the estates participated in this sad reality but nobody said anything because everyone won.

Skinny cows have focused on the indecency that this implies and society has claimed the need for a large-scale moral regeneration. In that we are. In the political arena, traditional parties are reeling while new ones discover that mistakes are too evident under the magnifying glass of society. In the economic field, the parade of names of the financial, business or entertainment world by the benches puts on alert the possible fraudster. But nothing will change if we are not the people who change. In fact, the latest data shows that 18.6 percent of our Gross Domestic Product comes from the underground economy, that is, of every 10 euros, two have not been declared.

The culture of the 'pelotazo' in Spain

Spain has disappointed because for a whole generation, the so-called "pelota culture", the importance of economic success at any price as a synonym of social and personal success, has left moral values ​​such as honesty and honesty below others such as work or the desire to excel.

However, now that we have become aware of the serious risks that we face if we keep on this slippery slope, it is time to take action on the matter, not only with a review of our personal attitude but also with a sincere analysis of what we do to educate the new generations in the lost values, so that they understand that honesty and honesty are the fundamental pieces on which a healthy society is based.

Educate not to lie

In homes, parents have very clear the importance of avoiding lying. From their earliest childhood, we educate children to tell us the truth in seemingly minuscule matters such as a small sibling fight or if they have finished their meal. We do it because we believe that it is absolutely necessary for their formation.We demand of them with enough assiduity that they do not lie, to the point that, before the age of seven, when children show their world as they understand it, it is necessary to modulate their sincerity in those cases in which the truth hurts other people .

As the educational stages are being overcome, lying is undoubtedly one of the great concerns of parents. In adolescence it becomes a priority, since truth and its hiding depends, to a large extent, on our ability to intervene in different educational aspects: academic performance, problems with friends, how to cope with leisure time, addictions to the technology...

Parents, a constant example

In all these aspects, parents try to be a constant example in such a way that sincerity is the cornerstone of the family. However, as in all these stages they are still far from the economic and political reality that surrounds them, they do not usually intervene in questions of civic education. On the contrary, it happens all too often that the same honesty that has been defended in domestic matters, is questioned, often before the children, in social issues.

The seemingly innocuous comment of a father to his son to say he has less years to avoid paying a higher fee to the entrance of a cinema or a museum is, unfortunately, the dangerous germ of corruption. The constant presence in the conversations between adults of comments that they can exalt, even if only in words, the cunning of the one who steals (a misinterpreted "I would like to me"), or the justification of what is not paid ("with everything that they take from me, I will not pay more taxes") they are also subtle forms of education that will have their repercussion when those children who today do not understand what is VAT or income tax reach adulthood.

Society starts and must start in the family. Otherwise, the future will be of a crumbling citizenship that has not learned the values ​​of home and that has as its only referent a set of arbitrary and changing laws elaborated, at the same time, by fellow citizens who also did not learn values ​​such as sincerity, honesty or honesty in their own homes.

María Solano

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