Empty nest syndrome, one of the main causes of depression in women

A home full of children is a source of joy for parents. But the passage of time is inevitable and these children who once were small, now grow, are becoming more and more autonomous to the point where they independent. As much as they continue to maintain regular visits and maintain contact with their parents, some parents do not handle this situation well.

The feeling that children are missing at home comes to overwhelm many fathers and mothers, who see how something is missing from their homes. This situation is known as the "empty nest syndrome", which can be very serious for the emotional stability of adults, in fact it is one of the main causes of depression in women as explained from the center specialized in feminine psychology, Origin.

What is the syndrome of the empty nest

The nest syndrome Emptiness occurs when parents have to say goodbye to their children. After many years serving a mission: to educate their children, now they are without this function and begins to appear in them a sense of uselessness and little service. This joins the sadness that is generated by having a loved person away as a child who has been raised, educated and watched grow.

Like all changes in this life, the key is to know how to adapt to this new situation. Those who learn to live with this new day to day get stabilized and maintain this new relationship with their children. In other cases this feeling of sadness and uselessness becomes a more serious problem such as depression.

The key is to help

If finally the empty nest syndrome ends up generating a depression in the mother, we must help to get out of this situation. The first step is to ask expert help that facilitates this trance, just as when you have a physical health problem is not enough to rest at home and go to a doctor, this context is the same. It requires someone to facilitate an adequate treatment for the patient.

The next step is the support of the family. From the husband, to the children can help to go through this trance. The couple must find methods with which to make women feel useful again: courses, study a new language, dance classes, painting, exercise practices, travel. Anything is good as long as you do not stay home overwhelmed by the feeling of loneliness.

On the part of the children, they can help by going to visit his mother more often. Make him understand that even if he does not stay at home, the family bond has not been broken, but has evolved. If the obligations do not allow this activity, a small daily call always helps to remind parents that it is very close and that there is still a lot of love to offer.

As far as possible, it will be necessary to focus on positive feelings, in those small daily conquests that make the feeling of sadness disappear. It never hurts to remember that the mission of being a parent has been successful and that a good citizen has been educated and trained. Now we have to look for new goals in which to have a triumph again.

Damián Montero


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