The addiction to new technologies is very similar to that of other drugs

New technologies, like any other issue, of their abuse the problems arise. Using smartphones to communicate with someone who is far away is a utility, but depends on these devices to perform daily life is a situation worthy of attention to remedy.

At present there are many cases of people dependent on new technologies that can be considered as addicts to them. Experts even say that those who do not know how to live without these devices have very similar processes to those that cause other drugs in humans.

The possibilities offered by new technologies

As stated in the I World Congress of the World Association of Dual the problem It's not the new technologies themselves. But the content they offer. These devices are a tool with which to access certain services that are the ones that end up generating dependence in individuals: online games, bets, communication, etc.

Making a comparison, the computer, the smartphone or the video game console would be the "syringe"and the content of the" drug. "According to the specialists who participated in this event, this type of behavior is usually accompanied by other mental disorders such as anxiety, hyperactivity, obsessive behavior or low self-esteem.

For these professionals it is best to work on the prevention of these addictions. Detect these problems in the psyche of the youngest and prevent them from falling into an addiction to new technologies. These experts also explain that falling into these dependencies is something very serious since the solution is not only in the withdrawal of the same since this does not solve the disorder that has actually caused this situation.

Prevention of addiction to new technologies

Treating these disorders that lead to the addiction of new technologies is a matter for the specialists in psychology. However, from home you can also work to avoid dependence on these dispositives:

- Limits. Although they are small, it is good that they know the limits and adapt to them. For example, in the maximum time of Internet use.

- Security. You have to put passwords to mobile devices such as tablets to, in case of losing them, make it difficult for a stranger to access, for example, photos of your child.

- Parental control. Those devices accessed by the child must have a parental control system adapted to their age that allows them to access only the appropriate content. For this, it is necessary to keep the protection software that you download updated.

- Downloads. Beware of that downloaded from the internet because sometimes you can have viruses or unwanted ads or that your child can see. Check the old qualifiers and comments before downloading games or applications for the little ones in the house.

- Communication. The key is in communication. Talk with the children and let them see what can be shared and what can not be shared. Talk about the information, about the photos and videos and also about the comments they leave: everything is public on the Internet and leaves a mark, the so-called 'fingerprint'.

- Photos.It is very important to educate the children so that they do not send pictures of them with little clothes to other people, whoever they are and have all the confidence in them. Again: everything is public on the Internet, although they believe that only their friends receive it through applications such as WhatsApp.

- Social networks. Social networks like Facebook have the age limit in 13 years, and that's for something. Do not let your child lie about his age to get an account, everything will come in due time.

- Courage. Anonymity is not protection on the internet. Explain that well to your child, and inculcate the responsibility of never doing something online that you would not do or say to your face.

Damián Montero

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