Large families with disabilities ask for more attention

Each family is a world and each household has its particular needs. Those houses where there are only two children do not have the same concerns as those where there are more children. And of course, where there is a case of disability, you do not have the same claims as in those where this problem does not exist.

This is one of the claims that the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities, CERMI, has made to the Government. According to this organization, the Law on Protection Large families should take into account those cases in which one of the children has some type of disability to ensure better care for these homes to make the situation more bearable.

Greater needs

For CERMI, the costs that a company must face large family with a disabled person are greater than those of a normal home. As well as the efforts and time that should be spent to ensure a child in these circumstances a good future and a good quality of life. For this reason, it has sent the Government a proposal to amend the Law on the Protection of Large Families.

In this proposal CERMI advocates to extend the concept of large family to the assumptions in which a family is composed of one or two parents Have a child with a disability. So far, this term only applies in a general way to households that have three offspring without handicaps, or two when at least one of them presents it.

According to this entity, if it is shown that the child presents a 65% of disability, the Government should provide this family with the same facilities as a large family and make things easier. The increase in economic burdens that is inherent in a household with more than three offspring increases even more when one of its members is a person with a disability.

The care of the disabled child

It is clear that a child with a disability is a difficult business. We must take into account the needs of a child in these circumstances to meet them as much as possible. Here are some tips to get the best quality of life possible:

- Stay informed. Collect more information about the child's disability and use it to deal with other possible caregivers of the person with a disability. Being informed helps you make more informed health decisions and better understand any challenges you have to face within the home.

- Search support. Support is very important, from the people inside the home to any acquaintance. In difficult situations it is very important that everyone go to one to achieve the same goal. You can also get this help in organizations related to these disabilities.

- Bet on your autonomy. You have to help the handicapped child, but do not give it all and make your dependence grow. To the extent possible, we must encourage their autonomy and make it grow to ensure that the child is able to do activities in themselves.

- Do not forget one. The child needs the parents to get ahead, so they have to be 100%. Do not forget the personal life of each one and you have to try to take care of yourself as much as possible.

- Normal life. A disability does not mean that you can not make plans like other families: going to the movies, going for a walk, organizing family meals. To the extent that the disability allows, you can do one activity or another.

Damián Montero

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