Fear of failure: 3 strategies to overcome it

The economic and labor crisis that has affected millions of people has left a very deep impression on the emotions of a whole generation. One of its consequences has been the increase of atiquiphobia or fear of failure that is spreading more and more.

Fear of failure, fear of our lack of aptitude, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of being rejected and fear of what others may think; Fear presides over our lives and conclusively affects the decisions we make.

Verónica Rodríguez Orellana, therapist and director of Coaching Club explains that "the dread that failure produces exerts on us the devastating effect of a heavy drag and a deterrent when it comes to undertaking any initiative, truncates dreams, drowns productivity and undo all kinds of creativity. "

Some of these fears are specific, they have an easily identifiable cause. For example: fear of losing a job, fear of being left by a partner, fear of getting sick, changing jobs, moving etc. There is, however, another form of fear that is quite frequent, seemingly ineluctable, and that usually appears each time we pursue a certain objective, the aforementioned fear of failure

"Sometimes, this fear is so accentuated and fateful that those who suffer from it come to the desistance and the abandonment of everything they want in their lives," explains Verónica Rodríguez Orellana.

Most common causes of fear of failure

1. Too many failures.Perhaps we have accumulated too many failures in our history and for that reason we do not believe ourselves capable of supporting one more.

2. Setbacks Perhaps we have been educated with too many obligations and today our own self-demand does not admit a single setback.

3. Self-esteem and self-esteem At the base of our fear there may be a low self-esteem or an excess of self-love, the truth is that the fear is similar and exerts the same effect.

4. Fear of fear.In the coaching sessions the fear of fear often appears, as a very powerful component within the person

"Probably, the biggest mistake is to consider that, in order to move forward, fear must first be banished, and often this fear acts as a modeler of the sometimes blind impulse that our desire supposes," explains the Coaching Club Director.

When an opportunity comes, these people start with their doubts and fears, and if it does not work? At this moment, all the things that are likely to go wrong appear and pile up in the mind.

3 strategies to overcome the fear of failure

1. Failure is not an end in itself, but part of the creative process, a natural way to grow. By changing the perception of failure we can stop being afraid of it.

2. We must evoke and concentrate on those processes that we undertook and that they were successful, throwing away and avoiding those thoughts that transport us to the disappointments of frustration

3. Coaching sessions are a good tool to face recurring fears as it provides tools for your emotional management that allow you, in short, to lose your fear of fear.

Whoever did it once knows that he can always do it again.

Ernersto by Antonio Hernández
Advice:Verónica Rodríguez Orellana, therapist and director of Coaching Club

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