The Government proposes a new strategy against bullying

Childhood is a stage of innocence and learning, however it is not always the case and children face numerous problems that come great. A good example is the bullying, who suffer in silence because of reprisal or shame. For this reason, strategies are necessary to detect these cases and put an end to this issue within the schools.

There are many measures taken by public administrations to find an end to the bullying. For that reason the Government of Spain has thought of a new strategy with which to fight against this problem and which will be presented soon. An initiative with which to establish a coexistence plan within the classrooms with which to make life easier for students.

70 measures against harassment

The plan against bullying proposed by the Government is an evolution of the one that was already presented in January 2016. In total they will be 70 measures with which it is tried to do against this subject and that in his day they could not be approved because at that time the Executive was in functions. Now we have worked on this strategy and it has improved a lot.

The plans What are planned in this strategy against harassment are the following:

- Observation and monitoring of coexistence within schools and institutes.

- Evaluation of results and development of educational policies against harassment.

- Incorporation of these policies within the school.

- Teacher training for the correct application of these policies against bullying.

- Coordination between institutions related to the education of the child: parents, teachers, etc.

- Prevention and control of violent incidents in schools and institutes, as well as support for victims.

- Share information about the results that have been obtained after these policies have been applied.

- New educational research on these problems.

Constant evaluation

A very important part of this plan is that you are constantly analyzing your data. That is, this strategy is based on the results that have been achieved by applying certain measures and whether or not success has been achieved. This is the analysis that is planned after applying the measures that have been applied in schools.

What has been done:

- Number of actions carried out.

- Participants within the measures.

- Budget applied to obtain these measures.

What has been achieved:

- Effects on people.

- Effects on institutions

- Other related consequences in society.

How it has been achieved:

- Tools that have been applied to develop these measures.

- Obstacles that have been found in the application of these measures.

- Satisfaction of the participants in this process.

Damián Montero

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