Degree advisor, a tool to clarify the future

The future is something uncertain. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow, although it is advisable to be prepared and more or less to be clear about which road you want to follow. However, precisely the ignorance What will happen later makes the uncertainty appear. Is this the best option? Am I wrong? Will I achieve my dreams with this decision?

A good example of this uncertainty is the time to choose the college career. One of the most important decisions that must be made in life and that will mark the path that begins to walk. But luckily, to avoid these doubts there are tools such as Degree Advisor offered by the CEU to get relief from this uncertainty.

An aid to choose a university degree

With Degree Advisor students can get an important help when choosing a university degree. For this, it uses relevant information about the academic curriculum and the most attractive preferences for students when working. A good way to guide students to know what is the best way to obtain this future work.

In addition, Degree Advisor also advises students by showing them the most successful sectors in the world of work. At the same time, the skills most demanded by the job providers in their potential employees are indicated. With these data it is intended to make young people see the panorama with which they will meet and what is the best way to adapt to it.

In short, Degree Advisor will offer this to the students that request their services:

- Academic information. Degrees by area of ​​knowledge, evolution of the enrollment, notes of access to the career desired by the student.

- Working Information. Employability rate of the studies selected by the student, sectors in which you could develop your professional future, the competencies most demanded by companies in their recruitment processes and the training models that best suit the needs of the student.

How to help in the choice of professional career

Not only tools like Degree Advisor help to choose the professional future. Also parents can help in obtaining this future decision, here are some tips for obtaining it:

- Help the student son think aloud about his professional future. With these thoughts you will use your reasoning ability to check all the variables that you must take into account in your decision.

- Make him think about the subjects that would make up his desired career and if these are suited to the training he expects.

- Ask him if he sees himself in the future exercising the profession to which
will access after the race.

- Encourage him to do something that matches his possibilities and aptitudes. Nor above, because not getting it will be frustrated, nor below, because I would end up regretting not having done more.

- Talk to a teacher who has a good relationship with the student and their abilities to practice one or another career.

- Facilitate contact with acquaintances who can offer information about the different careers and professions that may interest them.

- Raise the possibility of doing some work, part-time close to the work environment that you think you may be interested. It is the best way to get a real idea of ​​a profession.

- If the student hesitates between two or three races, guide him towards the one that allows him to decide later on for different exits.

Damián Montero

Video: Academic Transfer in Focus: Faculty Advising for Students

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