University careers with more professional opportunities

University training continues to be a very important selection criterion within companies when it comes to recruiting talent. But among all the degrees offered in our country, which are the most demanded by the labor market?

Basically, the actual employment situation of a university career depends on the attractiveness it has in the labor market, that is, it depends on supply and demand. Or what is the same, of the balance that exists for each degree between the labor market and the academic one.

The races with more professional opportunities

The possession of a university degree, therefore, is not a guarantee of employment, but it does constitute a factor highlighted by companies when selecting their employees. On the other hand, within the offer of employment for graduates 1 out of 3 offers for university students that are published in our country requires knowledge of at least one other language, mostly English.

Generalities aside, what are those careers that companies in our country are demanding? What university profiles fit better in the labor offer of the Spanish company? As it happened in previous yearsBusiness Administration and Management (ADE) It is again the most demanded career with 4.5% of job offers, followed by Informatics Engineering with 2.9%. After her, maintaining her third position, she is Industrial engineer (1.9% and 4.6% of the published job offers).

By branches of studies and training, health careers are the ones that have grown the most in their contribution to employment in the last year (2 percentage points), especially Nursing, which becomes the titration that grows the most. On the contrary, scientific qualifications lose practically half of their weight in the job offer.

After them, degrees like Telecommunications Engineering, Economics or double degree in Business Administration and Law, that have been in the middle-high part of the ranking for years and that continue to maintain their contracting area above 2.5%, on the contrary, Medicine, which usually topped the rankings, is ranked number 21 in the table, with 0.96% of the offers.

University degrees and languages

Mastering other languages ​​than the mother tongue is a requirement that companies increasingly demand of their employees. In a globalized world, where companies are committed to the export and internationalization of their businesses, counting on the use of different languages ​​is a point in favor of the candidate.

Within the offer of employment for graduates, that requirement is increasing: 32.4% of offers for graduates require the mastery of at least one language.

The ones that demand the knowledge of languages ​​to their aspirants are the engineering and the scientific-sanitary qualifications. Thus, the top three positions in this ranking are headed by Industrial Organization Engineering (39.6% of offers), Telecommunications Engineering (39.4%) and Industrial Engineering (38%).

After them is Administration and Business Management, which requires knowledge of languages ​​in 37.3% of cases, Telecommunications Technical Engineering (34.6%), Economics (33.8%) and Industrial Technical Engineering (33 ,3%).

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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