At least 10 million Spaniards have a sleep disorder

Night comes and the bed feels like an oasis in the middle of the desert. A hard day, fatigue from playing too much or working, everything is resolved by resting on the mattress, closing your eyes and letting yourself be guided by the dream. However, it is not always the case that whoever lies down rests and spends the hours without good sleep. Many are the disorders that can alter this routine.

In fact it is estimated that in Spain approximately 10 million people they have some kind of disorder of the dream. This is indicated by the Unit of Neurophysiology and Sleep Disorders of Vithas International, that warns of the risk that many individuals have every day at the time of going to bed.

Not all are chronic

The specialists of this center warn that not everyone who has a sleep disorder suffer equally. There are those who have it chronically and therefore almost always rest badly, and there are those who must face these problems in a timely manner. Luckily, most of these cases can be treated so that they disappear soon.

According to specialists in this unit, only 4% He is really at risk because of his disorders. It is this percentage that suffers chronic sleep problems, while the 30% remaining he does not need urgent help. What are the most common reasons that cause an individual to end up in this type of situation? Daily life and its usual rhythm.

Among the most common that affect the quality of people's sleep, insomnia is the most common. This rest disorder is usually considered chronic when it goes beyond the 3 months of appearance. However, even if it is not so persistent, specialists recommend taking care in these cases because sleep difficulties affect daily life: the possibility of traffic accidents in adults and lower school performance in children are only two of the possible consequences that a person must face in this situation.

Insomnia treatment

Once it has been diagnosed that the person presents / displays any problem to sleep assiduously it is important to go the specialist establish a suitable treatment. For this it is advisable to elaborate a sleep diary that pick up all the habits of the patient at the time of going to bed and other actions that make throughout the day and that may hinder sleep.

- Sleep hygiene measures. It is encouraging healthy habits and follow a set routine day and night, avoid actions that awaken the alert level in children as intense games before bedtime and avoid video games and using mobile moments before going to the bed. You have to take care of the environment to sleep and ensure there is no noise and control the light without light, with a comfortable temperature. Heavy meals, stimulant drinks and long naps are totally prohibited.

- Psychological interventions They act on behavior and serve to reduce resistance to bedtime and nighttime awakenings. The techniques that are recommended vary according to the child's age.

- Drugs Its use is recommended only in those cases in which other techniques have not worked. There has always been a doctor's prescription and treatment follow-up in case there is a need to suspend or make any change in this medication.

Damián Montero

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