Current parents play more with their children than those of past generations

Fatherhood is a spectacular stage. The experiences that they have in these moments they mark for all the life. There is a lot to do with a child: go for a walk, teach him to talk or walk and especially to play. This is one of the best ways to connect with the little ones as their imagination is stimulated and a bond between father and son is created.

Luckily, in recent years parents have increased the amount of time they spend game with his kids. This is what emerges from the study carried out by the Dodot diaper company, where it has been proven that current parents spend much more time with this activity together with their offspring.

A lot of time playing

This study has revealed that the game is the activity that occupies more time to parents in relation to the care of children. These data reflect that the 83% of the respondents say that what they do most with the little ones in the house is to enjoy this leisure time. This means a change in the parents' vision of parenting.

In the past it was the mother who spent the most time on these matters with their children. For its part, the man formerly had the mission of ensuring family support and maintained a more remote treatment with the youngest of the house. The introduction of women in the workplace that has made both sexes share the tasks related to the care of a small child.

This fact has also been collected by this study since the second activity that most parents carry out related to their children, after the game, is changing diapers. 65% of the study participants confirmed that this issue is the one that gives them the most contact with their offspring. In third position is to undress and take them to bed, 62%.

Despite this increase in the time that parents spend with their children, many of the respondents would like to increase this amount. Only the 40% of men with children admits feeling comfortable with the conciliation that you perform in your day to day. Regarding paternity leave, 76% of the participants in this investigation acknowledged having requested this permission in their work to pass it along with their offspring.

Benefits of the game

Since it increases the playing time between parents and children, we must know what types of activities are beneficial for the little ones and take advantage to ensure good learning among the offspring:

Physical game. It improves physical skills and contributes positively to the child's health and muscular development, as well as helping to improve motor control and its coordination between sight and touch.

- Cubes.

- Transport toys: skates, bicycle, a car, tricycle.

- Toys for outdoor play: sandpit with shovels and buckets, and swings.

- Active games: the rope, the rubber, the hiding place, pilla-pilla, the handkerchief.

Exploratory or manipulative game. This type of game involves solving problems, manipulating, exploring and gaining control over an activity, among other things the child learns that he himself can control the process and the result of all activity. Even the simplest toys allow the child to explore the dimensions of space, manipulate, assemble and disassemble figures to create new shapes and become more sensitive to the color and texture of materials.

- Puzzles

- Construction toys: legos, Playmobil.

- Cubes that fit, graduated boxes.

- Paints, paper and scissors, plasticine, clay.

Games with rules or rules. Intended for preschool children, they are not yet able to follow them; It is from 6-8 years of age when children are able to interact cooperatively and begin to understand the rules.

- Dominoes

- Table games.

- Card games.

The symbolic or imaginative game. These games involve the use of ideas or symbols, instead of people or objects. Children work with representations of things instead of the things themselves; This type of game starts at 18 months and is present in all healthy children at 3 years. It is an opportunity for the children to think symbolically and gives them a useful defense to resolve things for themselves, helping them to have a better idea of ​​what is real and what is not, allowing them to experience the feelings and emotions of others. , and be sensitive to the impact that their actions have on the people around them.

- Puppets.

- Costumes.

- Toys related to the house: dolls, carriages, kitchenette, dishes, plastic food, pans, etc.

- Toy phones and toy money.

- Imaginary activities: put a store, restaurant, hospital.

Damián Montero

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