Exercise and good rest, the keys to fight against obesity

It is the disease of S. XXI, affects minors and older and as the days go by and the lifestyle changes, it becomes more widespread. It's about the obesity, a problem that increasingly brings more head to families. Although the way to prevent it is well known: good diet, exercise and some other factor more as recalled Spanish Nutrition Foundation, FEN.

This body has carried out a study in which it has become relevant that the lack of exercise is the main cause of cases of obesity and the abdominal fat that appears in people. Two situations that increase the risk of suffering from a disease.

Importance of physical activity

The mission of this study has been to analyze how they affect different factors as the socioeconomic level, lifestyles and especially, physical activity affects the cases of obesity and overweight in general. Exercise is one of the main means through which energy is spent and can determine the difference between a normal and a dangerous size.

"Physical activity of vigorous intensity can have a greater effect in the prevention of overweight and obesity than physical activity of less intensity", explains Rosa María Ortega, director of the Valornut Research Group and Professor of Nutrition at the Complutense University of Madrid, who has participated in this study.

The data of this research shows how the people who dedicate 150 minutes weekly to practice exercise significantly reduce the possibility of overweight. Conversely, sedentary activities such as watching television or playing video games make the odds of obesity, and all problems related to it, increase considerably.

Do not forget to rest

Another of the data that has been reached in this study is that rest is of great importance in the prevention of obesity. Sleep seven hours or more a day It is associated with a lower probability of suffering from obesity and reducing abdominal fat, a risk that is further reduced after 8 hours of sleep every day.

In fact, other studies such as the one carried out by the Ohio State University that closely followed the evolution of 177 children born in 1991. In this work the mothers were informed throughout this investigation about the time to send their children to bed and annually monitor their health status.

The mothers of these children reported what time their children slept when they were four years old. Half of them did it after eight o'clock at night, but before nine o'clock. On the other hand, a quarter of them did it at eight o'clock or even before and the rest of the participants after the nine p.m.

When controlling the weight of the participants when they met 15 yearsThe researchers appreciated that those who fell asleep at eight o'clock at night when they were younger were the least likely to develop obesity by adolescence. That is, those who slept the eight hours recommended by sleep specialists were less likely to be overweight.

The probability of obesity in the adolescence It grew in children who slept between eight and nine at night. While the highest chances were recorded in children who went to bed after nine o'clock at night when they were younger. The obesity rate in these groups in adolescence were, respectively, 10, 16 and 23 percent, depending on the time at which these participants went to bed when they were younger.

Damián Montero

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