The digital profiles most demanded by companies

New technologies and work are a binomial that are now inseparable. Companies increasingly seek a person who masters digital skills for jobs that appear over the years. What are the profiles that companies are demanding?

This is what has tried to find out the Inesdi Digital Business School, who has developed a study in which he has tried to find which digital profiles are most sought in the company. Some data with which to assess a future work with future and to help new generations find their place in the labor market.

The most demanded profiles

According to Inesdi Digital Business School, these are the digital profiles most companies are looking for today:

- Digital Marketing Manager. This position translates as responsible for digital marketing. Your job is to create, define and execute the company's internet promotion plan through the control of the global online marketing strategy and its budget, the management of network branding and researching markets, as well as the strategy of the competition.

- Community Manager. He is responsible for managing communities and social networks through the development of functions such as listening and responding to online conversations of clients and being aware of online mentions about the company to know the image of the company and boost the digital content.

- Social Media Manager. He is the one who must carry out the digital media strategy by creating and developing an online social identity for the company, as well as the subsequent design of different communication, management and crisis strategies. It must have an important coordination of the team of community managers to achieve the subsequent analysis and report of the results of the actions carried out.

- Content Manager. Responsible for digital content, is who creates, develops and manages the content and track the KPIs and reporting. He is requested writing skills, syntax and understanding of digital media, advanced knowledge of publication formats and content managers.

- CDO / Digital Manager. It is the person in charge of carrying out a digital strategy and supervising the proper functioning of it, as well as the deadlines for delivery of all services and products. Lead, form and retain the team of professionals oriented to new technologies; and keeps the company at the forefront of digital evolution.

- E-Commerce Manager. This is responsible for e-commerce or online store, by preparing the most appropriate digital strategy and the management of internal and external work teams in different digital areas.

- Digital Analyst. Its mission is to take charge of digital analytics, who designs, implements and maintains online measurement strategies and develops optimization proposals for online sites integrated in multiple channels and platforms.

- Copywriter. Expert in digital advertising writing, designs and develops the creative idea of ​​the messages for each support chosen in the action plan, studies the concept to be communicated through advertising slogans, performs preliminary tests of the campaign and monitors the effectiveness of the message .

- SEO Specialist. Must be the one who creates advanced SEO strategies and use basic programming and web design skills to perform positioning optimization and determines the use of the most relevant keywords for the business in social networks and content.

- SEM & SEO Specialist. Whoever holds this position must master SEO and SEM strategies, is the one who develops the strategy for paid search marketing campaigns, follows and analyzes the data of the campaigns to identify optimization opportunities, works with the sales and account teams to generate new search campaigns and manage SEO strategies and actions.

Damián Montero

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